Martha Hacks Ankle Monitor

By Deane Barker on July 5, 2005

Martha Stewart calls lockdown ‘hideous’: Martha Stewart was in an interview with Vanity Fair when she made this remark. By merely saying this, I bet she violated some intellectual property law somewhere.

Asked about the electronic monitoring device she must wear on her ankle — she has complained repeatedly that it irritates her skin — Stewart says she knows how to remove it.

“I watched them put it on. You can figure out how to get it off,” she is quoted as saying. “It’s on the Internet. I looked it up.”

Her publicist’s eyes “widened with alarm” when Stewart made the remark. The article didn’t say whether Stewart claimed ever to have taken off the device.

Her lawyer is likely dead from a heart attack by now.



  1. That’s interesting. Does anyone know who manufacurers the particular ankle bracelet she has to wear?

  2. I work at a halfway house that uses the ProTech electronic monitoring system. The bracelets are equipt with fiberoptics through the middle. The band can easily be removed by cutting it with scissors, or prying out the pins that hold it onto the devise. However, once the fiber optics broken or no longer making contact witht he devise, the other equipment knows. An alarm would be sent out to the proper authorities. I’m no scientist, but how do you fool the fiberoptics?

  3. I have read Martha’s statement and through research of my own I can confirm the possibilities of these actions. I have yet to find anything online that has provided a step by step instruction like she has hinted towards; however, there are a few sites that provide enough information to be of use to anyone desperate enough. Though I do not condone the following actions, I will relay the information that can be found online. You can put 2 and 2 together yourself. The ankle unit sends an in-range signal every 38 seconds. This is the window for those who didn’t catch that. If someone were to try and tamper with the unit you have to bypass 1 or all of 3 fields. The first is optical sensor that prevents a cutting of the band itself. Next, is a metal contact if the band is forced open with the screws taken out. Finally, there is an encryption method of the RF signal to prevent duplication. All three methods are good except for one overlooked flaw. One in theory could remove the pins, and using the window of 38 seconds, step outside of the signals range to remove the unit then reassemble the unit stepping back into the signal’s range. If done correctly, the receiving unit will never receive the tamper signal and the wearer in theory would then be allowed to roam without worry of authority presence. NOTE1: I do not condone anyone trying this method or any other for it is unlawful to break any of the rules set in place while under house arrest and the participating party will therefore be sent back to jail subject to the PO’s request. NOTE2: This 38 second window can only be confirmed with the DigitalTecnologies-2000 HMU4 Solution. Other HMU’s will no doubt have a different timing sequence. NOTE3: Though this method can be misused, I have no doubt that future models will render this method useless. For example, in theory the ankle unit could send the tamper signal until the receiver responds leaving a window pointless. Other useful information can be found throughout the internet on how the units work and their relationship with each other; however, I only listed the most pertinent for this method.

  4. Where is the link to these sites offering information on the Electronic Monitoring Equipment? I have not been able to find much on them.

  5. For JJ, the only websites that I know of are those created by the device manufacturers, however, they do provide an alarming amount of information through their brochures. This is a website of one of the companies for an example.

    For Albert, in one of the technical manuals for one specific model they discuss the 38 second window, however, for one of the newer models (HMU4) an issue has been discussed about the fact that a relay circuit is used for the window control allowing for any person to hear an audible tone every time the in/out of range signal is produced. This has said to be exactly 60 seconds between each transmission. Even though I’m sure that each model is different in its own unique way, I stand strong believing that the Internet is a wonderful tool.

    For any further question posts or emails are welcomed

  6. ey yo thanks nigga iv been on dis HA shit for a few months and all the cops gots on me is a few punks sayin i mercd some nigga so dis shit gave me a little time to go fuck em up ya know ….thanks nigga


  7. lil balla 05, I sencerely hope that your comment was mearly a poor joke. If you had read completely through my post to the side notes you would have been informed on how I do NOT condone these illegal actions. I would also not be pleased to receive any credit for your stated actions. Please contact the site Admin to have your post removed and be honest with the authorities on your behalf. If anyone else has remarks that should remain confidential please inform me through methods stated previously. Thank you.

  8. im a 16 year old who as well wears an ankle monitor and would have to agree in saying that ankle monitors do suck large testicles

  9. what the f*ck is wrong with you people that you can actually have so much time on your hands that you can have such a long conversation about Martha Stewart’s friggin’ ankle monitor

  10. I’m 17 and have to wear an ankle monitor for two years. They just put it on me last week. They f’n suck.

  11. I’m 17 and i was in jail for 63 days and now i have to wear a monitor for 90 day’s and do a 5 month mst program and pay restitution thats so big that i have to pay the most ever in sandusky,ohio for a juvenile and i think the monitor part is the worst of it all so yea f**k this little black box

  12. Like several other contributors I am also wearing an ankle monitor. My conviction is pending an appeal and I have been wearing the monitor for 18 months. Unlike some contributors I am not interested in removing the device, but have been accused several times of violating my curfew. I have not done so, and believe my dial-up online service may be interfering with the monitor since they are both on the same phone line. The court does not seem to be interested in technical glitches, even though I have evidence that I was on-line when some (but not all) of the alleged violations occured. I am concerned that my “freedom” will be terminated if future violations occur. I don’t know the actual company name but the device says “Watch Patrol” on it. Problems in the State of CT are not uncommon but the court is in official denial that they exist. Do you have any knowledge regarding technical weaknesses or interference problems that can cause these units to malfunction and inaccurately record the wrong times? Any info you have or web site you can lead me to would be much appreciated.

  13. Sorry to burst your bubble but i wouldn’t use said techniques to try and remove your Transmitter. Being an EMS at Digital Technologies I know their 3 units in and out. Your Transmitter, even though it does send a signal every 38 seconds, is able to store information for a 96 hour time period until it can send it again. And yes the Transmitter has Quad Tamper as well as the Receiver.

    Think you can just take the bracelet off while your out of range? Nope The system throws an alert if it hasn’t come in contact with the Transmitter for a certain amount of time. In addition, the system will keep on throwing alerts until the situation is resolved. (This of course takes in to consideration any in’s & out’s your Officer might have given you.)

  14. I too have been placed on Electronic Monitoring to end on 10/9/06. That seems like an eternity. I was wondering if there are any measures to stop skin irritation. Also the system states that I am not home during times when I am sitting here. The monitoring system has called to confirm but still sends reports to my PO stating I was out of range.

  15. A lot of people like to slip a sock underneath, like the business people type socks, ya know the thin ones? Just be careful not to pull up too hard or you might throw a tamper.

    Regarding the out of ranges, it all depends on the exact location of the unit itself. I.E. near any electronic equipment, general height etc. etc.

  16. i wanna know how to get this shit off cuz i can’t stand fuckin wearin it and i’m gonna go crzy so someone plz help!!!

  17. Re: Miles’ response to lil balla 05, I believe the point he was trying to make is that just stating that you don’t condone illicit use of the information you post will not stop people from doing it. While I like being able to discuss these technical issues just out of personal curiousity, I agree with people who argue that making this information easily available to criminals creates a dangerous condition for everyone.

  18. i heard that if you put something in between your ankle and the bracelet so that the object barley fits (so it feels like your bracelet is being stretched out) and leave it there for a while and then keep putting bigger and bigger stuff in there as it stretches out that eventually you will be able to slip out of it

  19. hell yeah that shit worked for me it took almost a week. i only got put on the shit because i rode in a stolen car and i didnt even know it was stolen, it wasmidnight and i was walking home in the middle of nowhere and somebody offered me a ride what the fuck was i supposed to do? walk 7 miles home? maybe if i knew the car was stolen

  20. and fuck you perl do you think that people who rode in stolen cars when they didnt even know are dangerous people? oh yeah i can see how im a threat to fuckin society. but hey if its written in the law books it must be right. wrong.

  21. what if you found out your lover was a felon with a case like mine would you dump him/her because they were dangerous?

  22. i hate people like you, that think criminals should be shunned. everybody fucks up but ive changed id never rob a place again no matter what so maybe other people have changed give them a chance.

  23. you can take it off, go ahead. but you WILL be violating your TOA and be subject to severe repricussions. i.e. thrown back in Jail.

  24. The Home Monitoring unit worn by Martha Stewart is from Behavior Interventions, (BI, INC).

    heres how the BI ankle braclet works

    CURFEW ALERTS Did Not Return: The Client did not return after the scheduled period started. This message is Sent if the Transmitter In Range message is not received within fifteen minutes after the Client is scheduled to be in the residence. Did Not Leave: The Client did not leave the range of the FMD during a scheduled leave period. This message is only sent if the Transmitter Out of Range is not received within fifteen minutes of the leave time. This message is only sent if a must leave schedule is in place. Transmitter In Range: Occurs when the FMD receives a message from a matching transmitter when the Client comes into range of the FMD. Transmitter Out of Range: Occurs when the FMD has not received a signal from the transmitter for six minutes. TAMPER ALERTS Transmitter Open Strap: The Client has removed or attempted to remove the transmitter, or the transmitter was disassembled to replace the battery. If the Client tampered with the transmitter in range of the FMD, the tamper message will be called in immediately. If the transmitter is being operated in manual reset mode, and is tampered out of range of the FMD, the actual time of tamper is recorded and sent immediately when the Client comes in range. If the transmitter is being operated in manual reset mode, an officer must use the CONTRACTOR Activator to reset the transmitter. Transmitter Close Strap: The transmitter is restored from its previous tamper status. If the transmitter is being operated in automatic mode and automatically resets while out of range of the FMD, the time of restoration will be recorded and sent immediately upon coming in range. Note: The transmitter must be properly affixed to the Client in order to receive this message. It is recommended that a physical inspection of the transmitter is conducted after receipt of this message. Tamper Unit Case: The FMD case has been opened or the internal circuitry of the FMD has been disrupted. Restore Unit Case: The FMD?s previous tamper status has been restored. EQUIPMENT STATUS ALERTS Missed Call Late: The callback from the FMD has not been received within 45 minutes of the scheduled callback time. Power Fail AC: Power to the FMD was interrupted. This message is sent eight seconds after the AC power is interrupted either by a power outage or by the power adapter being unplugged. When the power is interrupted, the FMD immediately switches to battery backup. The host computer then waits fifteen minutes to see if a restore message is called in from the FMD. If a restore message is not received within fifteen minutes, then the Power Fail message is sent and an alert is generated. Power Restore AC: The power to the FMD has been restored

    Power Fail Telephone: The FMD detected that the telephone line plugged into the FMD has been disconnected for more than thirty seconds. This message could also be the result of insufficient voltage. Power Restore Telephone: The telephone line to the FMD has been restored. Unit Battery Low: The internal FMD battery has approximately ten minutes of reserve power remaining. If this message is unable to be sent, the unit shuts down in ten minutes and all messages held in memory are lost. Manual Restart: Indicates that the power switch has been keyed on. This message also is sent upon power restoration after complete depletion of the FMD’s back up battery. Transmitter Not Found: The FMD has not received a signal from the transmitter within six minutes following the installation. Transmitter Mode Automatic: The transmitter tamper reset mode is set for automatic. If the transmitter is restored following a tamper, the transmitter will automatically reset seventeen minutes after proper installation. Transmitter Mode Manual: The transmitter tamper reset mode is set for manual. In the manual mode, a tampered transmitter can only be reset by the CONTRACTOR Activator. Transmitter Error Battery Low: The transmitter batter is low and must be replaced within five days. Transmitter Restore Battery: The transmitter battery is now installed. This message is received when the FMD is first installed in the Client’s residence (if the battery is transmitting). Location Verify Expire: The host computer was unsuccessful in its attempt to call the FMD for a location verification. Location Verify No Data: The host computer is unable to complete a location verification because the Client’s residence telephone number was not entered into the database. Log Overflow Fault: The FMD holds up to 64 messages in memory. The Log Overflow Fault message indicates that the memory is full and is stored in the event that a long duration problem has occurred such as a telephone line disconnection. Once the Log Overflow Fault message (64th messages) is recorded, all messages received thereafter are saved in order of priority. Example: Transmitter Open Strap. COMMUNICATION MESSAGES Carrier Not Detected: The FMD did not receive a carrier tone from the host computer’s modem and the messages were not transmitted. Host No Answer: The FMD attempted to call the host computer, but received no answer. Line Tied Up Level 1: The FMD attempted to call the host computer, but the line was in use. This message is recorded on the first series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Line Tied Up Level 2: Same as Line Tied Up Level 1 except this message is recorded on the second series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Line Tied Up Level 3: Same as Line Tied Up Level 1 except this message is recorded on the third series of attempts to call the host computer once connection has been made. Link Lost Error: The FMD’s communication with the host computer was interrupted and the information did not transfer. This messaged is usually caused by interference on the telephone line. No Ring Detected: The FMD attempts to call the host, but does not detect a carrier tone

  25. I got about 54 days left on my HA, and I was leaving yesterday to goto my drug class and i forgot my box that I had to take. I realized it about 2 miles down the road, so I came back and my box should have said something along the lines of violation, bracelet lost. But the fucker never said a thing. Is that unusual or common??

  26. how do they know if you go outside? how far can you go? I dont want to violate but I have a pool and I want to swim.Please respond, Is there a light that sez out of bounds or what. Will I know if Im out?

  27. Yea ankle monitor sucks but after reading how long some of you people have to wear them, I’m not even tripping anymore. I’ve got 20 days, thats nothing. I know people who get grounded for longer.

  28. Ya im on ha, with fucken elmotech or something like that, i dont have a box to carry around or nothing i just half to wear this shyt, what type of monitoring is this, they said its like gps or something like that..

  29. you all should of stayed out of trouble. this would not of been happening to you. so enjoy the ankle moniter.

  30. ya u kno i’ve been on this shit for about 5 months now and i still have 5 to go, all haters have to do is piss clean and get a job and u’ll be off in no time peace out

  31. I have to debate that wearing an ankle monitor is against human rights because it is a form of public humilation can I have some of your opinions on this? thanks

  32. same here, watch dog…..Ive had it on one day, and already been told I left for 20 min, when I was here……my question: can I step outside my back door to feed my dog??? talking 5 feet. the device sits 10 feet from my door. can I walk into my garage? about 15 feet from device… does it know if its a garage or another room?????

  33. i’ve been on moniter for 3 months, however they gave me the option of putting it on my wrist. therefore, a little vasoline and it slips right off. don’t tell my Probie

  34. I’m on this house arrest shit n i wanna know if someone knows how far i can actually go before it sends off a signal cuz i be goin outside not 2 far but i really dont know my range.

  35. Just before I start my main body of the post. I rarely visit or post on a Topic such as this. I may not reply for several days or months, if not reply at all.

    Okay I am 14 and have never been involved in crime. I consider myself very defensive. I highly protect information about myself. I kind of go on a sort of personel philosophy basis of “Why give unnecesary information to others so it can be passed round to people that you don’t want to know”. Despite using the internet regurlarly I am also somewhat paranoid about surveillance and technology. Easpecially with other people via such thnigs as “MSN” and E-Mail, I rarely do it and never (Unless highly important to me) say anything personel or “Law violating” material. So by now you can kind of get the picture of what i’m like on a subject like this.

    But despite me never being involved in these sorts of things, as I don’t run in “your circles” so to speak. I want to say I have been reading on you lot for some time and have explored many sources of information, mostly regarding these “Ankle” devices and the transmitting box. Mainly out of this I want to say that they suck! And I don’t mean “suck” lamely either…I absolutley hate the idea of the technology I commonly use and am so interested in being used to track my movements and send information on what I do to some government payed idiot at a computer somewhere. It is like a computer system. They are made stable and often relatively secure. But it uses technology. And as I have learnt, technology, no matter how advanced can fail!

    You all think, (especially the people who make em) that it’s secure and strong, tamper proof this, tamper-proof that. Well it’s not.

    No matter how complex. It still uses a radio transmitter and a reciever. The box, or whatever device that they use now which is put in the “offenders” home could still be “tampered”.

    But hell. What do I know? I’m just 14. I go to school and as far as my technological knowledge is concerned. I know near f*ck all on this stuff! I mean I am doing some course called “DIDA”, where all you do is make an E-Portfolio on “Five a Day”.

    But just to put a conclusion in, if I can to a topic like this. I hate the very idea of someone tracking me, especially using the technology we all use unwitingly. The idea of something I love becoming my enemy. I just couldn’t take it!

    Finally, in answer to anyone here that would ask me the question “What would you do if you got put under house arrest with an Ankle device?”. I really just don’t know really.Best gues is. First is that knowing they (Meaning Police, government/”authorities”) can monitor my internet/E-Mails i’d discard and detest the internet, mobile phones etc I would never go on the Computer! Then I’d probably go slowly insane, probably obsessing over it! First digging out all information I can out of books and libraries and other sources. Then closely observe and inspect every detail of the “Ankle” device and the “box” or control object in my house. Then ulitmately end up trying to remove or disable the device. Either via “intelligent means”, blocking/jamming signal etc. Or simply removing the device via brute force/physical means.

  36. BI inc. sucks and is cruel and unusual, as soon as this pager is removed from me I am suing the hell out of them. FUCK BI.

  37. i am all so on watch partrol,sure it is not great,but after doing 6yrs i’m sure i can put up with it,i might be stuck at home when i’m not working but at lest i can go from room to room when i choose and not have to worry about getting johnny sack at every lock down,well keep calm won’t be forever…gone.

  38. i just got mine put on like an hour ago..only got this shit for 90 days,./who knows the average range for this shit? i got that box you have to connect to the phone line,./i can only go so far from it i guess,./,./and i heard about that GPS shit in the hall then talked to my PO about it earlier,./i guess they can talk to you through that shit man

  39. i just got mine put on like an hour ago..only got this shit for 90 days,./who knows the average range for this shit? i got that box you have to connect to the phone line,./i can only go so far from it i guess,./,./and i heard about that GPS shit in the hall then talked to my PO about it earlier,./i guess they can talk to you through that shit man

  40. man my gs i got dis thang 4 90days dnt even sweat it though do wat u got 2 do and ull b off n 58 or less like me but personally i thnk just tampering with it and stuff is a waste of time would u rather b n jail eatn that nasty food with 100 other dudes or at hme watchn tv eatin good meals and fuckn ur women it seems like a clear choice 2 me

  41. yo, if im out at school or work or something and i drink a beer will it set it off or if im in like a diff state with rents will it sence that?

  42. a small piece of strong stainless wire small enough around to fit in the two holes on top of the unit on your ankle bend the ends to almost an L shape about one quarter of an inch long on the bottom part of the L stick it in the two holes turn it up right so the L part is turned inside the cap and push down this will relieve the spring pressure holding the snap in place then remove the cap be sure to quickly slide the strap connecter off and right back on if done very fast the recieving unit will never pick it up good luck worked for me

  43. question for 007 what was the actual brand of the monitor u had on because ive been looking up information on the tamper detection for the one i have but i would like to know if its the same one i got…


  45. if i shave the rubber down to the wire on my bracelet band a inch apart and soder a nice lengthy wire 2 each shaved part and then clip between shaved parts will a tampering signal be sent off? ANYONE KNOW!!!!!!

  46. fifty, Coincedentally i have been asking myself the same question. I know that a thin metal twisted wires run through the band. I have been askingif could do the same thing, shave the wire and then solder an extension. Did you do it?

  47. I am a mother of a juvenile whose only chance to come home is to find an ankle monitor that CAN’T be cut off or some other form of security to ensure he can’t run or at least be tracked if he does run. PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW OF ANYTHING.

  48. I am a mother of a juvenile whose only chance to come home is to find an ankle monitor that CAN’T be cut off or some other form of security to ensure he can’t run or at least be tracked if he does run. PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW OF ANYTHING.

  49. From what i can tell the transmitter pulses every second and therefore a missed pulse indicates a tamper condition. Now the transmitter may send a signal to the actual receiver every so often (I have seen variances anywhere from 18-38 secs) but the transmitters pulse almost continuously (every second). So in theory even if you could get past the pins and remove one end of the strap pull it off and replace it back in the transmitter you have still caused a tamper due to the missed pulse during removing the strap. Now the receiver might not instantly know this but it would know within 18-38 seconds once the next signal is sent letting it know that there was an event of a missed pulse and therefore a tamper condition. This is all figured out so there is no debate on that. Your transmitter records and stores all pulses until it sends them to the receiver. The biggest obstacle that I see here is in the storage of the pulse record on the transmitter. In theory if you could get the transmitter off and wipe the memory before the next signal is sent you might be able to get around it. This is the key point. Taking the strap off is the easy part. If you cut it you are fucked unless the memory is somehow deleted before the next signal is sent. If you take it off by removing the pins you would still cause tamper and therefore would have to again find out how to wipe the memory. This is just for informational purposes and I highly recommend no one try this because you will get caught no matter what. My effort here is to look at this logically and think of how it might be possible and without experimentation we will never know and I am sure no one wants to experiment going back to jail.

  50. I am 35 years old and have to wear this monitor for 88 days. Its not that bad, maybe because Im older and I dont really have a reason to go out after 6:30 pm. What does bother me about it is the fact that is ugly and I cant wear skirts or dresses to work. The other thing that bothers me is that Im single so the hopes of going out and explaining to a guy that he has to bring me home before 6, without telling him why is frustrating. So for me there is not dating for the 3 months I have this thing on. That is what sucks!!! :o(

  51. I am 35 years old and have to wear this monitor for 88 days. Its not that bad, maybe because Im older and I dont really have a reason to go out after 6:30 pm. What does bother me about it is the fact that is ugly and I cant wear skirts or dresses to work. The other thing that bothers me is that Im single so the hopes of going out and explaining to a guy that he has to bring me home before 6, without telling him why is frustrating. So for me there is not dating for the 3 months I have this thing on. That is what sucks!!! :o(

  52. im on this house arrest for 18 months just cuz i had a few grams of crack a week after i was arrested i was working and bought a town house and doing what they wanted and now with this thing on i lost my job house and living in my moms basement this shits fuckin my life up and ive only been on it for like 3 months so far

  53. shit i already did 3 years on felony papers 10 months in jail and now 1 year on house arrest and then 2 more years on papers this shit really sucks

  54. shit i already did 3 years on felony papers 10 months in jail and now 1 year on house arrest and then 2 more years on papers this shit really sucks

  55. I’m on a Watch Patrol RF it basically. it sucks large testies at well. they say i can’t go outside my front or back door. but the thing obviously has a range to it beyond that. so i wonder around outside from time to time.

  56. Yeah, fuck the box.

    1. It looks retarded
    2. Uncomfortable
    4. This is inhumane

    I just want to cut it off and run to Mexico. I shouldn’t even be on this, It was an accident on my part to carry a conceled weapon onto public premises. I forgot I had it. I just wish the judge would have some consideration of what this shit does to us. Mentally.

  57. im on the monitor till my trial in march, i heard u can put pins in the top two holes and the top piece comes off, ive seen ym po guy take it off with needle nose like pliers, i kinda tried that just to seewa and all it did was make the holes bigger and hopefully not apparent of the tampering, can someone throw me marthas sight on step by step cuz this is fukin rediculous, i wanna go on home sup. but the da is a bitch ….as well as the big man, and its like 2009 now so tihngs might be different

  58. How far can I go when my ass is on this dayum monitor… This little black box is driving me crazy. Just how mny feet can I go … I need this answered please.. Thanks …

  59. I also have ankle monitor… wanna know how to get it off……..First: STOP BREAKING THE LAW! Second:This is a way better alternitive to going to jail where you have to wear thier clothes, eat thier food, sleep in thier beds, and everything thier way. I like this idea better than going to jail

  60. The way you get around the bullshit , is you match the Rf frequncey of your ankel monitor that you buy off the internet it cost thirty dollar. Once you do this you can keep the monitor ON YOUR ANKLE un damaged, keep the BI9000 SURGATE by the monitor and go partty!!!

  61. How can I remove this crap without getting caught and whats a RF frequncey? And has anyone tested it?


  63. I have watch patrol, and ive had this shit since April 15, for possession with intent to distribute. its may 31, and im STILL on level one. the first couple weeks i was doing everything i was supposed to do. but recently it has really been bugging the shit out of me (mentally). and that mental shit is the worst part. ive walked home from school, stopped at certain houses that are completely off the path i take home, and they dont know. ive taken several hours to walk to and from school. and they dont know. i stopped calling the snswering machine and telling them where i am. they dont know about that ethier. i left home on saturday, drove to the gas station and drove to school, then came home. they didnt know. im always walking in and out of my house, and they dont know. im starting to think this is a joke, so im treating it like that.

    fuck radio frequencies. fuck ranges. fuck pins. i just pretend it isnt there.

  64. Im On full house arrest also ans ive been on it since Late January and yea it suck but i actuall found time to discover who i really I’m.

  65. Im On full house arrest also ans ive been on it since Late January and yea it suck but i actuall found time to discover who i really I’m.

  66. I’ve had a gps monitor on for 3 months now. I have another three months to go. Its not as bad as it seems but, I really want to take it off. It is made by omnilink. Anyone know how to take it off without setting off the tamper alarm. Who even knows if it has a tamper alarm! The first month I had it one it wasn’t charging, so they asked me to come in and they had to replace it. I know exactly how to remove it but, I’m worried its gonna set off the tamper alarm. I don’t have a box or anything like that. Its just a black ankle monitor that runs off gps. I heard that it could be a cellular/gps model. I think the tamper system runs off fiber optics but i’m not sure. I was wonder if I slide a piece of foil in it before I take it off It might not set off the tamper alarm. Anyone have any ideas?

  67. haha this black box sucks sooooo much. well at least when on house arrest you kno who your tru friends are… the ones that come visit. my girlfriend comes every day im grateful for that at least. masterbating gets boring. haha

  68. Well…alot of interesting shit I just read….mines a lil loose, I think amma try the stuffing shit in between till it stretches technique…;)..ill let you all know how it works out for me…time wasted is money wasted…I goooottt crimes to commit!!……

  69. well this tagging system realy dosent work at all my fella was put on it when he came out of prison he has had three tags in the space of 1 month dew to faulty equipment this week serco had sent a letter to my fella saying he had breached for 3 days but he had stuck to all the curfews and rules set out for him and hadent breached at all they re-called him back to prison at 4am tuesday morning i am disgusted in how they have treated him the system have well and truely let my fella down he was doing so well and now he is sitting in a prison cell being punished for sercos mistake my fella and are getting nowhere in getting him home anytime soon i havent a clue who to talk to any sugestions any1 please as this is serous??????? he is inocent

  70. u dont have to take it off but if u complain to them its to loose the wont do anything but if u cover the device in tape it throws the signal to anotther place i found this out on accidnt because i put tape on it to keep it up and they asked me if i had been in the neighboor hood next to me and i hadnt been and to see ifit worked i removed the tape and put it on again it works but warning only do it once

  71. What I want to know is for the elmo tech…what kind of phone services is it compatible with? Like Straight Talk has a home phone service…you get this wireless router looking thing and you plug your house phone into it…I think the router looking thing uses the same stuff as a cell phone. Can I use that with Elmo Tech?

  72. 2 methods that work. 1st is wiring the fiber obtics to a wider fitting before even cutting anything. First you will need a set of mechanics picks from any auto parts store. Also get the thinnest wire possible. Slowly and carefully pic thru the center of the bracelet to find the fiber obtics either with the sharp picks I mentioned or use a voltage meter with sharp points to locate. (Once located expose enough room around the fiber optics to make solid contact to fiber optics). After you have solid contact to the fiber optics repeat on the exact 180 side of the bracelet amd make solid contact with the wire I mentioned. Make sure the wire used is 1ft long. So now you have 2 exposed spots with this 1 wire connected to the 2 exposed spots connecting the fiberoptics in the center of the bracelet. Now that the wire is connected you can cut the bracelet in netween that wire youve just rigged up amd the bracelet will never lose pulse signal whatso ever while having that extra foot of wire in slack to have PLENTY of room to remove once the bracelet is cut. When you’re PO wants to release you on HA tell them you have to run home to get the box. At that time you cut the bracelet on the outside areas of the tampering and bring it back to them with box. Youre welcome. Method 2 is simply measuring the radio frequency of your bracelet and once you have that copied buy something that can send that same signal to the box saying that you’re home. Make sure and have the fequency right cause if you semd the wrong one it will.violate you. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME :) They do work


  74. so i have the bi200 … your saying once im out of that 90 foot range that it cant tell my po were i am at jst that im not at home right?

  75. I’ve been wearing my monitor going on four months, and I pay 84 a week and won’t finish court for a year or so. Does anyone know of an alternative for monitoring that had a lower cost in cocoa Florida

  76. I’m on HA and it is driving me nuts. It’s only been 10 days and I have for 6 months. I’m trying to stay calm and spray Pam cooking oil on it 3 times a day it helps. I’m praying I get off sooner because I losing it.

  77. Well my bracelet was bothering me so I put a nylon on and it feels so much better you can also fold nylon over bracelet and it will blend in,I can do this.

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