By on June 21, 2005

Judging by the number of quizzes on QuizFarm.com, this site has been around a while, but I just found it, and it’s a fun diversion.

I took the quiz, Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?

My result? Goofy.




  1. I took some of these last December:

    “What type of movie are you?” You scored as: Epic Fantasy. “Which high school stereotype are you?” You scored as: Loner. “What mental disorder do you have?” You scored as: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

    I felt a lot better about myself afterwards.

  2. Yikes, mine came back “suicide”. Now I feel even better, thanks for that.

    2nd runner up was “Bomb”, 3rd was “Poison”.

    Time to update the life insurance…

  3. I need help with this I am in love with chris lonto a friend of mine and he doesn’t feel the same way and last sunday he looked at me before i do and i gazed in to his eyes for a couple of minutes and i think he kinda saw a smile on his face . But i am not sure . And I don’t want to hurt him or his family memebers if it isn’t going to be , but if it is going to be what should I do . Should I take the frist step in making the frist move or should I wait in till chris is ready to want to have a girlfriend or need one . I just don’t want to lose him to another girl so thats what I want to know . Is this love realtionship worth it or not . I really need to know

    I am desprate .

  4. First, ask yourself why you’re seeking relationship advice on a technology blog. You might be surprised by the answer.

  5. so wait i came onto this site looking for quizfarm on google not meaning to offend anyone but what is this site? like what is the purpose? just tech news and blogs and things like that? just wondering ive never been on sites like this before…thanks! oh yeah DZ-

    most likely than not you are not in love. believe me. the friends in love thing does NOT work out. BUT maybe im wrong and all this relationship needs to work is a little push start- in that case, just talk to Chris about your feelings and maybe he feels the same way, maybe not. but if he is truly your friend he will respect your feelings, and if he doesnt then you know that it DEFINITELY was not destined to be.

    also, what do you mean you dont want to hurt him or his family if it doesnt work out? if it doesnt work out, then at least you learned more about how relationships work and what kind of guy is right for you. unless you have a mental disorder and might go pyscho and kill them all, that wouldnt be good. lol. just kidding.

    just calm down, make sure that you actually want to take it a step further and once your ready, do it! like i said, if he’s your friend then he will respect you and it will all work out somehow.

  6. hello. i took the wot cleque r u n i got loner 2!! ha! n also took the how will u die quiz n i got scuicide:'( oh well lol the fun life of me :D ha kidding on.

  7. hello. i took the wot cleque r u n i got loner 2!! ha! n also took the how will u die quiz n i got scuicide:'( oh well lol the fun life of me :D ha kidding on.

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