1. Scott says:

    Hey, there's one of those in Japan too! It's called the Tokyo Bay Aqualine. It's got a 2.7 mile long bridge and 5.9 mile long tunnel. The island where the two connect is a tourist attraction with restaurants etc. Opened in 1997.

  2. Been over/under it many times enroute to surfing vacations at Kitty Hawk. It's an incredible feeling when you start heading downhill under the water.

  3. Travis says:

    I drive over it every day going to work. You should check out the Chesapeak Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Now that one is amazing...

  4. Eddie says:

    I lived there and have been in it many times we come back on vaction from where we live now and we go down it still

  5. Neil Pereira says:

    This is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel!

  6. Actually there are a number of bridge/tunnels in the Hampton Roads area, including: The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (pictured above) The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (The Longest of the 3)

  7. Billy says:

    There is a tunnel in virginia beach that has a reseraunt next to the tubes. There are 2 tunnels that connect the bridge. I was born in hampton virginia and lived there for about 6 months and i remember once we walked to the beach and you could see both the bridge and the ocean at night. there were lights on the bridge and you could see them. I have not been on the bridge but some of my freinds have and they said that there is a resruant on each side and a pier to fish.

  8. It is very good style of sample active solution to sea crossing, with the culture bridge and tunnel operation coverage.

  9. Alan Edwards PE says:

    I was a field construction engineer on the HRBT and the addition trestle projects on the Ches Bay BT just out of all might be interested to know the reason for having tunnels in this area rather than more economical or prettier bridges....we have the largest navy base in the world here and they have always been afraid of having a bridge get bombed and having it block the channels our of the harbor...hence tunnels. I worked over the waters of the bay for two years on the ches bay tunnel expansion and yes...that trestle tunnel is quite a site....all paid for without tax dollars!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    where exactly is this? how come when i searched for Oresund Bridge (bridge-tunnel which connects Sweden & Denmark) the same picture appears? i can't trust google anymore!!!

  11. The Chesapeake Bay Tunnel scared the H..ll out of me, but I was half way across so I went all the way. Unfortunately, I had to look forward to holding on to my "behind" on the way back. All I could think of is "we are going under water in a tunnel". I guess this kind of beauty is not attractive to me. Even the pictures scares me. Maybe one of these days Ill go thru it again but not anytime soon! lol!!!!!

  12. isis t says:

    love the bridg longest one ever with traffice lights inside the tunnel

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