Who’s a Rat Warning

By Deane Barker on September 29, 2004

LEOs Warned: Do Not Visit Whosarat: Cryptome brings us this interesting memo from a government agency about the Web site Who’s a Rat, which we’re talked about before.

Visiting the site could result in the compromise of government IP addresses. Searching the site for a particular name could result in that name being cross-indexed to the IP address of the computer used to make the inquiry. Searching for the names of officers or informants could compromise those individual’s identities. Any website is capable of collecting IP address and search information from visitors, but this site is remarkable because it makes visitor information public.

I’m trying to nail down the scenario here. Say I’m a cop, and I have a confidential information named Willie the Weasel. I’m interested to see if he’s on Who’s a Rat, so I go search for his name.

Now, the proprietor’s of Who’s a Rat can see that someone searched for “Willie the Weasel,” and they have my IP address. If they trace this IP back to the local police department…does that tell them anything? I’m not sure, I guess.



  1. Someone here smells like a RAT. With this attempt to scare people from utilizing a great source of information.

  2. ok everyone is quick to call everyone a rat, but if you were 18 facing 5 years 3 years mandatory would you do it? say that jail sentence ruined your life… ruined all oppurtunities for being a normal human being… also what if the people you “ratted” on also ratted does it even make a fucking differnece. The fact is when most people get arrested they snitch, some people may not sign up as a CI but they give names and they snitch, and these are the people calling eachother rats. If someone rats on you its your fault for dealing with that person those are the rules of the game, the people who complain about everyone being a rat is a sore looser cause they cant handle the fact that someone out smarted them. Because if your really smart you wont let someone who will tell the police get near you. Also most of the people who got ratted on were ratted on because they know the person there ratting on wont do shyt or would rat on someone themself. if you put fear in someones soul, and let the know if you ratted on them they would die, chances are they woudlnt rat, because in the first place someone who rats is scared. so everyone whos never been arrested keep calling people rats, until you get knocked with a 5 or 10 year sentence, or wait even better you know what can happen if you sell drugs and take the easy way out so dont do it, this shit makes me sick how people are so ignorant, fucking fake gangsters who where these stop snitchn shirts

  3. Well I for the sake of not wasting our time i will make this short. Guess I have had years over my head and oppurtunities to cooperate ” List Three Get A New TV” type deals and I kept my mouth shut. For one reason especially , rats are a green light in all prisons and county lock ups. Whats a green light? A mandatory beating and or killing of any known snitches. Any con can get this information. I have witnessed actual paperwork on onformants being passed around the joint and i have seen the after effects. I dont know about you but i aint gonna say shit, do crime do the time….comfortably


  5. I think that some snitches may not be guilty of a crime, but at the wrong place at the wrong time or just happen to Know some information that can be helping the goverment take down some bad people. But to expose them is not right if they are trying to help out. Yes, I know that their are alot of guilty people out there that are just snitching to get a lighter sentence, but one way or another they will get there,s. But there are also alot of people in jail that aren’t guilty and yet they are still being punished for something that they didn’t do.This site will and could put them in danger. What if someone said that someone was a snitch and they really weren’t, they would be in danger and maybe even their family’s. What is the point of exposing them? One wrong doesn’t always make a right!

  6. Hey Marion what about innocent people that are ratted on by scumbag addicts? This is why lots of people hate rats. I’ve seen it myself and I am not a druggie. Just a young guy growing up in America’s working class. I’ve seen innocent friends and acquaintences set up by scum.

    One example a friend hooked on drugs goes to re-hab and is clean for a year. Things are looking good, then the snitch addict find outs where he is at, Next thing you know my friend is back using because mr. snitch brought him free drugs… And then he sets him up on you guessed it, federal charges. What a great system. And the snitch is still using, buying, a criminal, paid and protected by police to set up patsies. Paid snitches create crime for police that are to lazy to find it themselves.

    Why don’t you care about innocent people that were set up by snitches?

    Whitey Bulger the biggest rat of all, protected by the FBI was a serial killer and killed many people.

    Look if I saw a murder or somebody innocent being hurt I would testify, help the police. Most people are like that. But it’s scary because many younger people won’t even help with that because of this paid confidential informant crap that goes down with innocent people railroaded and jailed…

    Why doesn’t that bother you?

  7. I think snitching is wrong and it should’nt be allow , its crazy that city police and FBI reaally dont protect you , instead they use informant to do there work and then leave them for dead . true story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. An innocent person cannot be a rat. A rat is a person that commits various crimes knowingly and walks away with no with no concept of the law or consequences. All they have to do is name 3 other people (usually) Then they get out of jail (with a clean slate) carry on with their normal criminal behavior, hangout with their “friends” knowing that they are about to go to jail. Sick. These people are being rewarded for their criminal behavior (drugs, often burglary and even VIOLENCE). Its bad enough that these people are getting away from their sentances but our legal system has higher regards for cowards than a person who does their time. This doesn’t make any sense! Only idiots don’t think about what might happen if they caught.

  9. i was the go to guy still maybe depends on who u ask i was set by a female i had known for almost 10 yes ten years it was called a reverse by on a front if it wasnt for the cops and there dope and some persuation by a fucking needle junky i would have been at home if it werent for people dropping names in the first place bitch made niggers aka GANGSTERS MY WHITE ASS…………… DICK EATING PUSSY HATING BONIFIED RATS AND FOR WHAT CAUSE THEY GET JUNKED OUT AND CANT HANDLE THEIR ACTIONS I GET SET UP YOU WHO TELL WILL GET WHATS COMING TO THEM

  10. I think that FORTHEIRRIGHTTOKNOW is a snitch himself. If he thinks what he did was right, hes mistaken. If you do the crime, YOU yourself should deal with the aftermath. Fuck them snitches … and ill say it as many times as i please. Just so you can get off easier, your going to ruin someoe elses life? FORTHEIRRIGHTTOKNOW says “this shit makes me sick how people are so ignorant, fucking fake gangsters who where these stop snitchn shirts ” well youknow what SNITCH? it makes me fucking sick how people thnk they can do what they want and if they get caught they can just rat someone out and get away with it. People like him are loooooosers, snitches dont deserve respect one bit, they dont deserve shit in life but disrespect.


  11. I dont think nothing worse ever happened then this whole ‘You’ze a fukin Snitch Era’ i was with my best friend and we done something wrong and i dont know exactly how but they knew exactly what happened before they even came to talk to me or my friend. they come to my house first tho, i lied and lied, and denied and denied for me and my friend both but despite my efforts they still took me sttraight to jail. in the end me and my friend both got charged and got in trouble(i got in more bcause i had a couple old warrants.) but the point is just because they came to my house first i got labeled a ‘Snitch’. like 60% of my fucking town thinks that. i swear to god its bullshit and it gets on my fucking nerves. im about ready to fucking shoot someone..

  12. It’s a tough call on which is worse, a snitch that knows you’ll fuck him up, or re-locate him out of state in many other states simultaneously, or a dirty cop like Wesley Little from Huntsville Police dept in Alabama, whom just got busted for having what? Unregistered handgun with altered serial, and weed in his cruiser planting shit on people. And yes it’s a real story just google it. I’ve known this piece of shit since Jr. High, and all you can do is just shake your head when fuckers like this get badges. Rule of Thumb: No one can snitch if you do your dirt “SOLO”

  13. I bet most of the people bloging on here never been in the situation to know what the fuck they are talking about. I made lots of money. Like they say, I made it rain. Everybody always wanted to be around me cause the money and the unlimited free blunts. I was a latin king and 3 of my supposed to be brothers wore wires in my house. These were supposed to be the realest, fearless guys around. They got me. House was raided right after the re-up. Facing 15 to life I contacted a very good long time friend of mine for some advise. He was able to show me what nobody never has chance to look at. He showed me papers upon papers of people that wore stop snitchin shirts, did dirt on the street, hustled and whatever. These were statments and court transcripts proving these people were snitches. The people that mostly yell stop snitchin or say snitches get stiches are young ignorant kids or someone who has something to hide. Rap videos especially show this type of attitude of stop snitchin and who owns the lables or contoles them behind the seens? Maybe someone like Kenneth Supreme McGriff. The person on top always wants to instill fear into people to controle there actions, mainly snitchin. But what happens when that person on top get caught up? Look back in history at all of the biggest drug dealers or criminal organizations. All the ones that were given the chance to cooperate did so. Not the ones doing a easy 5 years. Anyway me being someone who has lived that lifestyle having to watch my back and watch my money, I know that everyone around me has at one time or another thought about robbing me. Remember, were talking about people that stabb each other in the back, abandon there kids, beat on woman and feed of other peoples missery. Why would I go do my time when I’m being offered a chance help myself out by snitchin on someone who is willing to rob me in a heart beat. This all comes with being a criminal. Trust me, if you read what I read, you would feel the same. Dont believe anyone when they tell you they would never snitch. I a lie, especially the ones that wear the shirts or are always talking shit like “snitches get stiches”. It’s almost like a commercial made to convince everyone to buy a product, these sayings are made to people think its the style or its cool to stay quiet. People should know there being controled by someone. Just help yourself out and stop being a bitch, scared to keep yourself out of lock up. Maybe your saying I’m scared to go to prison, WRONG, I got locked up after I snitched, I know how to defend myself and what to look out for and still live in my hood. I’ve been confronted and deal with it accordingly. If you think nothing has happened to me because I havnt been confronted by a real gangster, WRONG again, maybe someday we’ll bump heads and we’ll see what happens. Dont let anyone controle you with fear or make you think its cool to do time. Maybe if you like living with another sweaty man for many years. If you think doing time makes you tough or a man then your a fag. Your probably in denile or you just dont know but your a fucking fag. Think about it. I saw the proof. You have the right to know, so check it out dumass follower.

  14. you no i think youre right ,, this is all bullshit , how do you no if anything you see on the site is even accurate, i love how motherfuckers can just put a jacket on you and then your on formal probation with a 4 year joint suspension hanging over your head , fuck that shit people have no right to label somebody unless you no for a fact its true fuck snitches. and anybody who knows me will tell you the same ,, ive ben in the game fucked with the crime did the time, and this is my last chance at freedom and then its prison. i dont get down with that ratin bullshit.

  15. people feel how they want to feel. they tell things to suit their situation. to make theirselfs feel alright with their own actions. truth is 95…no 98 % of people, if you put their back against a wall, their mouth will open. “Informant” above says, “make you think its cool to do time” No it isnt cool to do time…But if you commit a crime, you know they are consiquences, if you get caught,, and if that happens…And you are any type of a real person, you will face those consiquiences, that you knew existed, beforehand. And if you dont, then you are a Snitch.. S-Sorry N-No Good I-Ignorant T-Talking C-Cop out H-Human. So to those of you who think snitching is ok…Let me leave you with this thought….The best part of not ever being a snitch is…..When you lay down at night, your not covered with guilt. When your out in the open, you dont always have to keep an eye out over your shoulder. And when your high, guess what … You can enjoy your buzz, because your not riddled with being paranoid. The essence of the phrase To Thine Ownself Be True

  16. Look, I hate snitches – one got a family member of mine, set him up for 3 aggravated batteries in the same night – but he was too stupid to realize the cameras in the parking lot was rolling – we subpeoned the tapes and now he, the snitch is charged – mind you he was out of buglary with battery/ assault on elderly / and strongarm robbery – the cops protected him that night

  17. meant to mention the snitch was out on bond for the burglary with battery/assault on elderly and strongarm robbert – has been working for the cops for years…..got caught with a grow house last night and spend a whole 24 hours in jail….has 4 other felony convictions and he is still walking around like a free bird – the 29 year old snitch lives in Miami and his name starte with era_ _.

  18. whats interesting to me is how all you people are having to deal with theese snitchey type folks. my best advice to all would be save your pennys and re-enter the “game” at a higher safer level. and lets be honest if the truth really is that you are “big baller” then how is it that you got snitched on and now your pissed cus everything is all fucked now. where was your at wheres he at now, oh yeah 1 more thing if you do decide to move up a few levels just know this the only thing to fear is fearing yourself. the dope buisness is a losers game no doubt especially when your under the 500,000 dollar working capital situation. trust me if you can get to 500,000 of working capital in your buisness then a whole lot of good things will be opened up to you trust me. and just to be more clear when i suggest the 500,000 area im talking WORKING CAPITAL or for the lamen thats 500,000 on top of your rotating surplus AND lawyer retainer bailbond account or whatever other buisness expences that are nessary (curriors, sales staff, collection costs, etc) i personally also like to have at least 10% of my working capital hidden away in case of an unexpected downsizing dig it. so lastly ill just say stop worrying about snitches because not only do we need them but they also provide a well needed service of keeping the street cops busy cus the street cops are the ones to worry about. good example here for going bigger is the agents and agencies you will come in contact with up here are much more polite and predictable than your fucking beat cops and detectives. when your a little fish your house gets raided and destroyed but up in the deep water they take you to lunch and even schedule an appointment with you to inform you that you are under investigation i can go on 4ever but i think i might b waisting my time. and remember enjoy my dope out there people

  19. what happines durring a narcotics investigation? how long do they build a case what do they need what must they have… to raid what can be done to avoid a raid if watched aside from not doing anything can stopping after the investigation begins stop the case?

  20. I’ve read this entire thread, and it seems to me that everyone here has missed the real issue.

    Ultimately, the Police have no authority whatsoever to make “bargains” with you or to “reduce sentences”. Only the Prosecuting Attorney or a Judge have the ability to make such deals. I’ve seen time and time again people make deals with the officer that arrested them, who will tell them ANY lie that is required to produce a desirable testimony. I’ve watched videos of interrogations where offenders are told by a detective that, if they cooperate, they’ll “go easy on them”. I’ve watched Cops tell three guys that the others all snitched on them, and watched them all roll over on each other like trained dogs.

    People, over 85% of convictions are obtained through coercion of some kind. The police will trick you into letting them into your house, they will convince you to “rat” on yourself, because “It’ll be worse if I have to get a warrant”. Informants are kept in a constant loop of “give us what we want, or we’ll take you in” harassment, they are monitored CONSTANTLY, often leading the police to your doorstep, without testimony or probable cause. Rest assured, unless you are very educated in your local laws, Law Enforcement will find a way to obtain a conviction.

    Websites that offer information on informants are also HIGHLY monitored, and you can make a target of yourself by browsing them. HOWEVER, using a web client such as TOR(the Onion Router) allows almost complete anonymity when viewing such content. Even using a proxy server such as Foxy-Proxy will virtually eliminate these risks.

  21. Basically, educate yourselves. If you have something to hide, a firm understanding of your local laws, of what is and isn’t allowed by Law Enforcement, and of how to remain nondescript and anonymous , is the most reliable way to protect yourself and your rights.

    Only through information can we hope to hold on to our basic human rights. Only through education can the people hold on to any semblance of control in their own lives. Your government WILL take from you whatever you ALLOW them to take. Educate yourselves people, that’s the only way to remain free.

  22. It seems that a website releasing private law enforcement information would be illegal in some way. Are there any laws that concern this?

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