By Deane Barker on July 3, 2004

T-Rex: I saw one of these driving around The Empire Mall here in Sioux Falls. I about snapped my neck trying to get a better look at it. I would have chased after it with the minivan, except my wife was in exchanging some clothes.

It looks like a kit, with the backend of a motorcycle and a custom front-end. However, their Web site says that they don’t sell them as kits, only as finished units. They’re made by Campagna out of Quebec.

The driving position, the angle of the steering wheel and the suspension make this three-wheeler respond like a car. Its huge and sophisticated rear suspension allows the vehicle to hug the road,

Tremendous structural solidity, a wide front track and a balanced geometry give T-Rex drivers extraordinary control.

They’re unbelievable to look at — it left a trail of gawkers in its wake. It didn’t help that it was radioactive yellow.

Here are some performance specs: 0-6 in 3.9 seconds. Up there with a Posche 911 Turbo S. It will pull 1.98Gs in turns. Ouch. See this page at a Florida dealer for a lot more specific information and pictures. (More pictures here as well, though the page itself leaves a bit to be desired.)

Here’s the bad part: $39,000. Given that you could pick up a new Corvette in the low 40s, that’s tough to jusitfy. Even tougher when you find out the warranty is just 12 months.

(I did, however, appreciate that the T-Rex has a “tall person kit” as an option for riders over 6’4”. Me and Shaq appreciate that.)

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  1. I found it again today — it was parked in front of Xtreme Delusions on 12th St. (a motorcycle shop, evidently). They’re becoming a new Midwestern dealer.

    The guy told me the T-Rex has the backend of a Kawasaki ZZR 1200, and uses its instrument cluster and handle bars as well. He also said that $39,000 would be for a demo model — new ones start at $43,000.

    I got a look at it up close. It’s very small, and there’s no place to put anything. In fact, this one had motorcyle saddlebags out back, because the interior (if you can even call it that) is just a roll cage and a floorpan. Totally impractical. My desire has evaporated. Neat, but not for me.

  2. “Totally impractical. My desire has evaporated. Neat, but not for me.”

    It’s all about raw fun, not practicality. If somebody that lives around here can spend that kind of money on a vehicle they can only drive 6-8 months of the year, practicality isn’t very high on the list.

    Aren’t they licensed as motorcycles instead of cars?

    I remember seeing an article in a car magazine a long time ago about a guy who built something like this from a wrecked motorcycle and car parts. The article’s author was amazed that in spite of the Pinto front end, the thing was able to out corner a Porsche 911. I’ve wanted to build something like that ever since. sigh

  3. I saw it today. Walking home from work, I turn the corner and there it is! I had a chance to talk with the owner for a few minutes about it; the steering wheel comes out — a la F1 racer — for easier entry and egress, the seats move forward and back for different leg lengths… And looking at the website, they also have the T/R version, which has a V-twin thumper instead of the 4 cylinder Kawasaki engine.

    Where you see “totally impractical”, I see a low center of gravity, low weight, wide tires, and loads of fun. I still want one.


  4. The T-Rex is a very expensive vehicle for its lack of practicality, but for flat-out performance the T-Rex is a fairly decent deal. If what I hear about it outperforming a Porsche in acceleration and on the skidpad is true, then the price of nearly 30 grand less makes the T-Rex’s price of around $40,000 more reasonable. And anyway, is anyone thinking of purchasing a Porsche Turbo or a motorcycle really thinking about practicality?

  5. But who really buys a vehicle for pure performance above it being…well, a car? If I was buying something for nothing but naked speed, why not save another $25,000 and just buy a really, really fast sport bike?

    With a Porsche you get an enclosed vehicle with a decent warranty that will transport two adults in comfort. You can’t really compare the two — apples to oranges.

  6. I drove by Xtreme Delusions today, and the yellow screamer was there next to a marquee saying there is a contest with an ’05 T-Rex as the grand prize. Practical or not, if they were to give one to me, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  7. The Kawasaki T-Rex is an unbelivable car/motorcycle hybrid or whatever you want to call it. Impractical or not I would buy one if the price was 10,000 more.

  8. I thought the price would be a lot less. There’s not a lot of metal to cover you up. It’s more like a motorcycle than anything. Drop the price though!


  10. you guys are a bounch of lower class losers. Go make some money and get a better job then talk about buying the t-rex

  11. you guys are a bounch of lower class losers. Go make some money and get a better job then talk about buying the t-rex

  12. We may not have as much money as you do but at least we can spell the word bunch….go back to school bounch!!!!??? laughs what a crack head!!!

  13. THey say the T-Rex can out run a Porshe 911 turbo and has 145 HP. Its nice. I want on but to pricy. I might as well get a Ducati 749 that still can get some babes.

  14. How about a kit? If they can’t sell us the vehicle(toy) at a reasonable price perhaps some of us could build one. I would be interested in plans and sources for materials etc. I can buy a motorcycle anywhere.

  15. While not quite the T-Rex, and not quite a kit, the Tri-Magnum is pretty close. You can get plans at http://www.rqriley.com/tri-mag.html

    It looks like the plans detail how to build the body with a fiberglass/foam construction. The plan uses a Volkswagen front end, but I would think that you could also modify the design to use the front end from other vehicles.

  16. Yes the Tri-Magnum is a great kit, I hope more people bring it back to life, 43,000 is way too steep for a T-Rex..compared to 3,000 to 6,000 for a tri-mag designed your own way..


  17. u all think its worth it when u can only drive in sunny non-cold conditions? a sports car around 40,000 can be driven anytime

  18. My father and i saw this “bike” at a magazine, he wanted to buy it for me since im 17 and im legal to drive here at mexico, anyway we saw the price and we said both, at the same time “No way” i mean… a Honda CBR 1000 is better and cost less, He rather choosed the Toyota Mr2 its cheaper, has a trunk and 2 seats :)

  19. All I got to say, is that you either love of hate the T-Rex, I love it, for those who don’t stop bitchin and leave us alone.. we don’t hate you for your choices in life now do we so back up

  20. Midwestern Droolers for the T-Rex –

    Try Randy’s Cycle in Huntley, IL. New Dealer for T-Rex.. They are excellent people to deal with.

  21. I love the T-Rex. The looks and muscle power is totally unbelievable. I look at it as an upgraded motorcycle, so I really don’t need a trunk but the suitcases may come in handy. You can even add on a CD Player, speakers and all the goodies. Hey guyz, look at it as a fun bike good to take out a chic for a date.

  22. way too much!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i’ll stick with my cbr600rr for now at least until I can come up with the money!

  23. Drop the price to $28,000 and its sold!!! I can buy a used bad ass viper R/10 for $40,000.


  25. “I smoke a 911 in my BMW M5 you fag! my M5 is 520 hp. 6 speed, 1/2 mile 10.4 sec.”

    Wait I love BMW’s but.. 1/2 mile in 10.4 secs, I don’t think it’s a reasonable QUARTER mile time for it, it’s more like 12-13 secs even with your 520hp V10, anyways, giving a 1/2 HALF MILE time is SOOOO FUCKING STUPID, how dare you, a 1/2 mile time…”oh yeah my car goes from 0-60 KPH in 3 secs!”

    FUCK YOU STUPID ASS FUCKER, 911 = lot less power than a M5 = still u suck, u don’t even have a M5..u wished u had a 1 series!

  26. I own a 04 t-rex and thats the best 40 grand i’ve spent I just love the thing . As for the handling in the curves I push motorcylces down the mountain.plus its paying for itself Iget 500 dollars to show up at car shows i do video shots and calenders so its a great investment and a whole lot of fun.

  27. Cool, but I thought the price would be in the 20’s, and used in the teens, love it, but am moving on to more reasonable priced toys…to bad, though…:)

  28. lower the price? its high so not every average joe blow can get one, i wouldnt want one if some punk teenager had one…besides u know the asians would wnat them, then they would ruin it by putting a huge ass spoiler on the back etc, its expesnive because its supposed to be not cuz it costs a lot to make

  29. The dude with th BMW M5 Ass blower A 2005 Saleen S7 has a 1/2 in 11.51 theres no way

  30. I think CORBIN was making vehicles similar to the T-rex, but smaller. In any case, its a unique vehicle but just not justifyable for over 40Gs unless you have disposable income.

  31. Hello,

    You people are not seeing for what it is. It is a toy. A fast, fun, safer-than-a-motorcycle toy for people that can afford toys. Besides Campagna is a business; it is entitled to a profit. Do you people honestly think that Chevy is not making a killing on the Corvette. Oh yeah, even worse Ferrari. Let us not forget Ducati– 20K for a bike that cannot smoke the competition that is 10K less.

    BTW the T-Rex can pull 1.9gs on the skid pad–without a spoiler or sticky tires; this stat is more than a bike can do. And if I was driving over some road debrise at any speed, I would be a thousand times more likely to survive in the T-Rex than on a motorcycle.

    A good solution to the price problem would be to build one yourself. It would not be that expensive–if you had some of the necessary skills. Furthermore, I believe there is plenty of room for improving the design. I think Campagna had to make some compromises in order to sell the thing. I think that with a more aerodynamic body (and a windshield), wider/stickier tires, a spoiler, and a turbocharged Hayabusa motor; a trike would beat all other road going vehicles save the indy style/open-wheel race cars.

    In conlusion, I will say, God bless you all because God lovingly made you. And His son Jesus Christ suffered and died for you (instead of you) to cancel the penalty for your sins (wrong, corrupt deeds). The penalty being eternal separation from God (death). Furthermore, Jesus Chirst died in died to give you the chance to be reconciled to God and have a relationship Him. This salvation is a gift; God offers it to anyone, but like all gifts you must accept it. You can have this gift by praying (speaking) to God–recognizing, acknowledging, and accepting–Jesus Christ as the only source for saving you and asking God to forgive you for your countless life long sins against Him, and turning away/departing from sin.

    In Christ Jesus, Jacob

    P.S. God’s word (the Bible) is the only true authority concerning God. This link is to an online Bible and will assist you in the in questions and concerns that will certainly arise as a result of your acceptance of Jesus Christ. I suggest starting with the book of John and then the book of Romans.


    If you have any difficult questions my email is Jakob454@yahoo.com. I will try my best to help you find the truth in God’s Word. E-mails with attachments or pics will not be read but deleted.

  32. Don’t get me wrong, i love the T-Rex and have been back and forth about buying one for a few reasons…fun factor, uniqueness, etc., but I’m still not totally sold. Being in the automotive industry myself I see mass amounts of vehicles and have driven most. It’s always difficult to buy anything without weighing all the options. So with that said, for a similar price, the Lotus Elise. Fun, unique and even in southern CA I’ve only seen 1 where I’ve seen a small handful of T-Rex vehicles out there.

    Needless to say, I still haven’t made up my mind yet.

  33. I’ve got an Elise & Ducati in the garage, and all I can say is if the T-Rex performs as advertised, it would be well worth the $40K… Looking for a dealer in my area or within roadtrip distance to check one out…

  34. I just got my t- rex today if you dont have one dont comment.It is freackin awesome!!!!!If you are really thinking about buying one you will wondcer why you waited so long…mine is the thunder model #5 of 10 with the S&Smotor my heart has not stopped beating like a school boy in girls locker room ha!Guys listen real good now IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY if you have to ask you cant afford it anyway.like i worry about the gas mileage of my hummer thats not what i bought it for.no offense to anyone somethings just are enjoylife guys it toooooooo short peace and love to each of you .what ever you got enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

  35. How much did you pay for it Rob?? I study Industrial Designing in Holland and í have to do some research…

  36. To the dolt who said get a better job and that we’re lower class losers:

    Surely someone who makes as much money as you seem to make since you’re higher class and therefore not a loser, don’t you think someone that could afford that would have the business sence to see that it isn’t worth $43,000.

  37. If its a toy, then its a toy and worth is subjective. As an investment it may or may not be worth the money asked, but it surely depends on how you employ it as an asset if you are viewing it as an investment. None of you but the one above have thought of creative ways to lower the cost of ownership. That is why you are working for other people and complaining that this costs too much. Maybe when you learn how to make capital and assets productive, you too one day will be able to afford one without worrying about the price. Even then, you could decide not to buy because you feel your money would be better spent elsewhere. Just realize your posts have the stench of jealousy rather than the enthusiast spirit that you should be conveying. Then again, you are entitled to your opinions….

  38. lower the freackin price and all yall need to learn how 2 spell i mean ur all prolly stuck up white rich boys livin in a condo that his daddy bought u fagets i mean grow up and get a job dont u think its time 2 stop spendin dads money ur like male paris hiltons ur so gay

  39. I don’t own a T-Rex. I hardly have the money for a used Pinto. But I can comment on why it is a good buy, given a few conditions… Here are the conditions:

    You like to go fast. You like ‘the feel of speed’. (multi-directional acceleration, closeness to ground, wind, and raw motor/moving part sounds and vibrations) You like to show that you like to go fast and enjoy the feel of speed. You like to sit in a vehicle that does not require balancing (as opposed to a motorcycle) You like to drive a vehicle that is more difficult to wipe out with than a motorcycle. You don’t have tons of money. You like novelties/novel toys. You like to share the beauty of the body style of the T-Rex.

    The T-Rex provides much speed on a stable platform which is low to the ground, increasing the ‘feel of speed’ and is very open, increasing ‘the feel of speed’. You do not have to balance as you do on a bike, and it is less risky to drive than a bike. You only paid less than 50,000 us dollars for it. Those people in town that you met…some of them affable, would LOVE to ride with you. You can take yourself and your new companions on joyrides.

    Speaking of Porches, in response to a previous comment: In one, you are not as low to the ground. They are not as good at acceleration They’re big and bulky. Their interiors are cluttered with useless things like air conditioners, heaters, and stereos. They do not perform as well on the skid pad. They are enclosed, and the feel of speed is diminished. They get less attention. They cost more. They’re worse for the environment. Why not get a Porche? They don’t appeal to the best desires of the buyer. Period. Different people appreciate different things. It’s the result of our different learning histories; it’s no peculiarity that other people have different appreciations.

  40. Wow. Dude who talketh about Jesus? You made a damn good point, I suppose, about the potential for an EVEN BETTER vehicle…but it was ABSOLUTELY RUINED by your Jesus crap. That’s stupid bullshit. How are we to trust, now, that you know what you’re talking about, when you’re so irrational as to believe in this whole Christian bullshit movement??
    You were good until you spoiled it, kid.

  41. It is in fact an interesting vehicle. But for the price its not worth it unless you really have the money to purchase toys like that. I would rather spend 10k on a new YZF-R1 honestly.

  42. I’m a T-Rex mechanic and they’re not worth the money. One of the T-Rex’s I work on is worth 80k. I have a blast driving them. I own a sport bike worth 40k and it doesn’t get as many looks as a T-Rex. I just wish they had a zx12r motor or even better a Hayabusa motor!

  43. My son sold his bike and bought a t-rex, He must be crazy.He is 40 year old and time to settle down.I am 72 years old and waiting for him to get married ,have children so I still have strength to bounce them, and he bounces around with his toy..

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  45. If dude is reading this …. right on! When I go Diamond I’m going to get one in each color and some custom colored.

  46. Hello, to all those that say its too expensive; well you obviously cant afford it. my dad got one and let me tell you something it is the most amazing thing ever. this car is not built for practicality strictly for fun and amusement and that is EXACTLY what it does. If anyone lives around the Ocean City, Maryland area chances are you have seen me or my dad driving it since we do indeed drive it just as much as any other car. As for the fellow who said its too expensive and not practical again…. think of it as a ferrari. its a rich man’s toy not some knockoff piece of crap that everyone can afford and yes you can get a corvette for the price but…. you see corvette’s all the time and if you strive to be different as my father and i do then the t-rex is worth the money. good things come in small expensive packages.

  47. i just bought 2 of them and i dog the hell out of them i got more money where that came from my r1 is alot faster and nicer.

  48. iwant a t-rex i have been looking for one well 2 actually so if any dealer is looking at this i live in grove in miami fl my number is 305-5547471 ask for franky

  49. for any dealer in fl miami that is looking at this i’ve looking for a t-rex well 2 actually i want a regular one for my son and a fast for me

  50. straight up and simple, as long as this product keeps turning heads, the prices arent goin to change, and honestly, for 40000$ american roughly 55000$ canadian.. dude.. CRAZY price, wait 5 years, grab one for 30000$ used…. and for people sayin it could handle like a porsche, u guys are fucked… LOOK IT UP A LIL… insurance is goin to be threw the roof, why u think its made with all ROLL CAGES? it flips on the sharpest turn. i dont know about this 1.98 g turns, wtf is a (G) period… all i know is that the downfall is stability the bike is made to spin the tires on turns, its as fast as a porsche off the line cause its a 1500 pound 3 wheel BIKE with a high-output engine with 145hp engine… dude 145hp in a bike thats light… COMMON NOW…. its a v6… in a mini

  51. Hello to all T-Rex enthusiasts & T-Rex owners. My name is JoTurbo from DGY Motorsports and I sell T-Rex’s. I personally own my own T-Rex and I am a huge advocate.

    I personally have a lot of street “seat time” in several T-Rex’s and I am hooked. After several turns in the T-Rex I was left with a burning desire to drive it more. It made me feel as though I was given special permission to do something that wasn’t really legal to do on public roads, like driving a Formula One car on the street. It is a blast to drive and I can’t wait to do it again each time I park one.

    At DGY we have plans to become Campagna-T-Rex’s #1 dealership but we know the only way to reach this goal is by satisfying one customer at a time.

    If I can be of any assistance re:T-Rex questions, please call or email me at (630)675-5900 or joturbo@dgy.com. Please check out http://www.t-rexusa.com for more info. Kind regards, JoTuebo

  52. The Tri-Magnum seemed like an interesting concept but it’s too much trouble and I find it still too expencive for what you get. I’d rather spend about 5000$ of something else, but then again it’s my opinion:

    Tri-Magnum worth 3 500 + ”the cost of the motorcycle used as a basis”… something people seem to forget about … add 1500 to 5000$ (if you’re lucky you happen to be that one bidder on ebay that’ll get a KZ900 for 1500$)

    -0 to 60 mph in 9.5 -Top speed 125 mph

    T-Rex worth 39 000 (no assembly required)

    -0 to 60 mph in 3.9 -Top speed 150 mph

    The T-Rex can’t really be driven when it rains (not that I would dare drive a Tri-Magnum in rain either for safety reasons, but at least you don’t get wet much in that thing) but the it has a unique feel: you’re sitting at ground level. That alone makes a difference. And for those with the need for speed, I’d even recommend the T-Rex over cars that can go 200 mph + that mostly all cost 100 000$ plus, and that, it’s without the 0-60 in 3.9 sec. For such acceleration, look more into the 200 000$ plus luxury sports cars. So for what it has to offer, the T-Rex is suprisingly cheap. Seeing as it’s much less practical then most other sport cars, it’s understandable that the price tag isn’t all that big.

  53. they need to build on with a suzuki hayabusa 1300 engine. but either way it must not be planning to stay around long concidering that no one in their right mind id going to pay 45,000 for a (anything) that only has a one year warranty.

  54. I’m very interested in purchasing a t-rex but they seem so hard to find in Virginia. So what I’m really trying to say is that Va needs a dealer.


  56. unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! t-rex is a rich mans toy lets face it…. i’ll stick with the guy who has the barstool racer.. he has common sense to turn heads at a much cheaper price. where can i get a barstool racer my nigga….. call me (973) 851-6469 or call my girl GeeGee (973) 472-9048. she gives good head too…. i love that hoe.. she tricks for cheap.

  57. Just stay tuned…I know people knocking it off with there own patent version. Lot cooler! Price around 20,000.00 Thats realistic. That t-rex def aint worth 40,000.00!

  58. I agree with dude if you had the money and a place to put it you buy it just so show off it would be cool to drive to around and the traffic stopping would be funny but you get to meet some people as you all have done to the owner

  59. Well – I love it. – But I think they are SO overpriced. I bought one – made privately – limited production right now – for $18,500. base price. I love it and have so much fun. anyone interested drop me a line!!! we are starting a touring club for 3-wheelers and want some fun guys to ride with us!!!!!!

  60. its a nice car/bike but wouldnt buy 1 unless the price was more like £15,000. i would never pay £40,000 for 1

  61. I’m looking to increase the performance. Any suggestions?

    Trade it in on an Ariel Atom.

  62. The price may very well be the MSRP, but even at that, it is over priced. The vehicle is not new as far as the idea, but it does have some very interesting features. All in all, I think the actual selling price might be in the 25K range. I might consider buying one at that price, but not higher…

  63. If i had 40 grand I’d buy it no questioned asked. I don’t have 40 grand so I will build one. It is so simple an IFS , roll cage, two seats, steering wheel, swing arm , motor and tires, slap it all together and you are done. I have been doing welding and fabricating for ten years I expect it to be done mid 07. The only question I have about it is does it have power steering? my guess is no.

  64. Tri-magnum? you mean the front of the Pink Panthers car. I want a T-rex after i nearly fell over one in San Fransisco but nearly gagged on my cornflakes at the price. Who is talking about a kit? i would get one sent to UK if i could find one i could bespoke. As for M5s and Porsches, I’ve got a 13 year old Lotus Carlton that still kicks the piss out of any nazi go cart or over priced any colour long as its red crap. And i’m not some minted ‘we try to be different but its my dads money so i have to be different because hes paying for it’ dick either.

    You lot still think 55 is fast. ” But your already doing 65!!!!!!!!!!” Lethal Weapon 2, wow thats one wacky crazy dude….ZZZZZZZZZZZ…………..almost makes me piss my pants when i hear that one. Your average Ms Daisy does twice that here going to bingo. Ding ding ding ding ding BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  65. Well al of you are missing the major point of owning a T-REX in comparison to a duccatti …….The pure saftey asspect of things ………On a bike ,there’s much to worry about like ,pot wholes , drivers not paying attion , sand patches ,rocks,…….pretty much all things that could knock a bike off it’s center of gravity ……On a T-REX the center of gravity is firmly placed between a big fat tire in the back , and two tires in the front , yes there is much to worry about in the T-REX but not much more then being in a car .Sure the T-REX has no doors or air bags but neither does a bike . So compairing the two is a none event , a T-REX is way safer than a bike and less expencive then a porsch .Yet the handling and controll of them both , I wounder why there’s even an argument . It’s a great buy hands down ,I promise you if a anyone pulled up to you in a ferrari , porsch carrera and care to date deemed a super car both the passenger and driver will be absolutly astound by the t-rex asking questions and just plain shock at the sheer site of the T-REX…………Chills just thinking of it ……………plus I bet this thing could pull way more ladies than a bike…hands down


  66. If anyone is interested I live in Quebec and I’m far from rich and I owed one of these and let me say they are worth every penny. There should be no comparisons made to cars or bikes since it is neither. The reason it’s licensed as a bike is to get it on the road since it would never pass as a passenger vehicle. Ignore the price and think in terms of cost of ownership which isn’t bad. I kept mine for 2 years and sold it for 1,000 less than I paid, if I add everything up it was actually cheaper to own than my GSXR. No other vehicle can offer this performance at this cost, none ! No car gathers as much attention and the handling is un-believable , it’s like driving an F1 car on the street. I did lots of mileage and met tons of people because of it. If you don’t like being in the limelight then don’t buy one of these ! You’d have to set your Lambo on fire to get more attention !

  67. If anyone is interested I live in Quebec and I’m far from rich and I owed one of these and let me say they are worth every penny. There should be no comparisons made to cars or bikes since it is neither. The reason it’s licensed as a bike is to get it on the road since it would never pass as a passenger vehicle. Ignore the price and think in terms of cost of ownership which isn’t bad. I kept mine for 2 years and sold it for 1,000 less than I paid, if I add everything up it was actually cheaper to own than my GSXR. No other vehicle can offer this performance at this cost, none ! No car gathers as much attention and the handling is un-believable , it’s like driving an F1 car on the street. I did lots of mileage and met tons of people because of it. If you don’t like being in the limelight then don’t buy one of these ! You’d have to set your Lambo on fire to get more attention !

  68. I had 8 of these T-Rex’s (Quebec plates) pull into my office parking lot off the 401 today. I had to stop what I was doing and take a closer look. Very cool looking machine! Doesn’t look very comfortable, or roomy and unless you have helmet microphones how could you converse to your passenger???? I asked one of the drivers if they had a radio or cd on board. The answer was “no” Bottom line. If you have all the toys, and you can afford one (I think they are very overpriced) buy one. I’ll stick with my 05 vette. You are very cool looking T-Rex, but thanks anyway……….you are not for me!

  69. 43k base price plus another 7 to 10 grand in options yeah right, don’t get me wrong I’m a speed fanatic but that is outrageous what the hell do you think it cost to slap that together?? Somebody will figure out a way to package that better at reasonable price so the regular Joe can have one!! That is simply overpriced!!

  70. Yea I’m a nerdy white guy, who thinks i have money. I will buy on and leave my smelly old 1970’s house up to rot away and be a [deleted] and sell everything i have to get one. (i dont have a licsence) so i will show it off by peeling the tires down my mom’s house’s driveway and all the neighborhood kids will think i’m BAD ……………

  71. I suggest you save up, people these days want everything for nothing. save save save. I just got mine after saving for 2 1/2 years.

  72. i think that it is great but they shud lower the price. not a good enough car 4 the price. id rather get a used porsche for the same price

  73. Saw a black T-Rex the other day. Oh my god, it is So Cool in person, only seen pictures of them before. The owner had a nitrous oxide tank visible on top of the frame. Purged the valves, did a burnout and put the pedal to the metal. Practicality can’t be compared to cars, but it is slightly more practical than a bike, gets way more looks from bystanders and it is safer than riding a motorcycle.

  74. I have a gsxr 1000 now I want a T-Rex. What the hells up with the price though. Does that include the insurance? LOWER THE PRICE PLEASE.

  75. all you guy’s are correct , way too much money for a toy , I have a dealership in my little jersey town and I called for info , they told me 40,000 all I could do is laugh , like someone else said you can get a new vette for around the same money , and it’s probably cheaper to insure .

  76. all you guy’s are correct , way too much money for a toy , I have a dealership in my little jersey town and I called for info , they told me 40,000 all I could do is laugh , like someone else said you can get a new vette for around the same money , and it’s probably cheaper to insure .

  77. I could not imagine Shaq fitting in one of those, Im a big guy (not in the same direction) and I tried to get into one in Sturgis… and Chickened out at the last moment. They look cool and they seem to handle well. I just couldn’t figure out how I would haul my large rear outta of it once I got into it.

    But I did watch MTV Cribs on Shaq and he does own some trikes. He owns two Las Vegas Trikes (www.lvtrikes.com) now there is something that can haul my fat butt around :)

  78. I would rather take the new Can-Am Spyder Roadster over this T-Rex even though its nice, but over priced and looks too much like a car than a motorcycle. The Can-Am roadster looks more like a motorcycle being totally open and offers good handling with stability and traction control and cost a hell of alot less at just under $15,000 in USA and will be selling this fall in 12 selected states. Also, to those idiots that can’t say anything nice shut up and crawl into a hole and don’t say shit. Also most of us aren’t that fuckin rich and can get something that looks just as cool for alot less and I plan on buying the Can-Am Spyder Roadster soon.

  79. $40K is way too much money for a T-rex, especially considering that the (equally impractical) Ariel Atom and Caterham Superlights cost the same amount and are much higher performance to boot (300 hp, 1100 pounds empty, and the stability of 4 wheels!) The Ariel Atom also is the 2nd fastest car that Top Gear has ever tested, being only a fraction of a second slower around their test track than a Ferarri Enzo. The Caterham has similar performance to the Atom.

  80. The price is reasonable for a car/motorcycle like that. Especialy since you can customize it to your own.

  81. It says at the top of the page that it is an American built vehicle and I am here to tell everybody that it is not American but Canadian, And I know this because about 10 years ago I attended the unveiling at the university (in Quebec) that the first T-rex was built ! And because a close friend of mine was one of the fabricators for the concept, I got to try it out… and let me tell you, in the past 8 years of driving I have driven many cars including Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, in all honesty the T-rex is just as impressive than the most expensive sports cars out there at a fraction of the cost so with that being said I give the T-rex a 10 / 10 !!!!!!!!!!

  82. I had the opportunity to scream around Montreal last friday in the 1400 version. I have never had such fun and felt such raw power. Sure – its a bit rough in places, and so low that we got stuck on a bump, but so what?!? Its not designed for taking the family to church. It will out corner and out drag pretty much anything out there and a lot of people pay for that. Add to that the category of people liek me who dont want a bike but like the performance and feeling….

  83. Way too much money for basically a 1100cc Ninja with two front tires. My friend just got one and if you are a sport bike rider (me) you will get real bored real fast unless you have a track or somewhere you can spin tthe thing 180 degrees. No wheelies, no compasison to the statis, performance and design of the 911 turbo. The ninja is faster and even it can be a bit boring at times.

    Kawi needs to come way down on price or put a fourth tire on, add 300 horses and enclose it with all the amenities availabe in a $40K sports car to get me interested.

  84. Its neat, but overpriced, I could get a pre-owned Lotus Elise for that cash, and I know it will perform. Not to mention the abundance of kit car manufacturers, you can get nice Ferarri, Lambo, Shelby turnkey kit cars in the 20-40K range. I seen a Lambo kitcar a few months ago around town everybody gawking I knew the diff a badge or 2 too many or in the wrong place, it was a nice kit but I would say the guy paid no more than 30K or built it himself for under 25K. Until they make these trikes with closed cabins and give a semi decent warranty they are worth no more than 25K. I would honestly say the cost of making this trike is around 17K maybe, think its got half of a 15K bike and a quarter of a 20K car add in labor you got about 17K. If they had better manufacturing processes the vehicle would be a lot less than 42K

  85. they sell t-rex’s here in austin and also george town and they are 50 g’s + TTL I would know because i work for a place called toy makers and we sell luxury items like the t-rex if you guys have any questions just e mail me the down payment on the t rex is 5,500 i know its alot lol

  86. I agree with everyone else…this thing is wayyyy to expensive. Not that I couldn’t afford it but damn $50,000 for that. Yea it looks like a ton of fun, it’s fast as hell and can corner like it’s on rails but that price is crazy high. It’s not like the car/bike is full of new technology or extras. It’s just a super small frame with a motor, some fiberglass and low center or gravity for good cornering. Bang for the buck this thing is a rip off if you ask me. Anyone who paid $45,000-$50,000 for one of these got taken like suckers. I would take my $50,000 and buy a new corvette any day over this go-cart. Hell if the T-Rex was $20,000 – $25,000 I would probably get one. It’s only a matter of time before another company builds on better and sells it for ALOT less. Look at the Can-am Spyder…it has the same 3 wheel concept but has more of an ATV look then a car look and is almost as fast as the T-Rex but guess what it only cost $15,000!!!! Can-am knows how target it’s buyers…they price it at what’s it’s worth. Guess they are not as greedy as the T-Rex people.

  87. I own a t-rex, new ’07 1400R and it is a blast. I am a HUGE fan of this vehicle and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

    Having said that, I agree that 50g’s plus is WAAAAY too much to pay for this car! The quality control at the manufacturer is totally non-existant. There was SO much wrong with this car when I got it it cost over $1800.00 to get it into running shape right out of the box. The problems include clutch mis-assembled (back plate installed backwards – according to my mechanic- I’m no gear-head); brakes not properly filled with fluid; turn signals mis-wired; every coolant hose connector leaked; plastic wires and sleeves zap-strapped way to close to the radiator, causing melting and shorting; ordered the full windshield and got the 1/4 windshield which was badly scratched (and the dealer has offered me a more expensive, cheaper looking replacement!); bad paint job (car came ready-made with marrs, cracks in the gel-coat and scratches); fender flanges crushed by nuts being over-torqued so the fenders fluttered at high speed; reverse-gearbox nuts only finger tight, the list goes on and on. I don’t care about any bad-blood from Campagna or the Dealer by detailing these problems because the Dealer basically kissed me good-bye and said “good luck” (ie: screw off!) when I started to complain. Got some really dismissive emails from the Dealer when I tried to get some answers. If you buy one, consider yourself on your own… unless you buy it from DGY Motorsports. Their reputation for stepping up to the plate on this vehicle is flawless. And to be fair, Campagna itself has kept it’s promises to owners who have had problems registering the vehicle, including actually TAKING BACK and refunding a guy in Saskatchewan his full sale price after he couldn’t get it registered in his Province.

    When you actually see the thing, it really is only a tubular steel frame with fibreglass wrapped around a Kawasaki powerplant. I’m no millionaire and it was very dis-appointing to spend nearly $70gs (after taxes, shipping, and all the extras ordered -at least one that I didn’t get – the windshield) for this vehicle which was a major POS untill I had it gone over with a fine-toothed comb.

    I would not recommend it to the shallow-of-pocket and faint-of-heart, and if your complaint is “practicality”… get over it! You don’t buy a beast like this because its practical! It’s a grown-up’s toy.

    The saving grace is in the driving. Dialled in, broken in carefully and all the problems taken care of, this car is outrageously fun to drive. Consistantly blows away everything else on the road, and all the problems dis-appear in the rear-view like the guy in the tricked-out Mustang who gave me the finger when he finally, FINALLY caught up to me!

    And please be sure to understand that Kawasaki does not make this car! Just the powerplant. The rest is hand-built in Quebec, Canada. I suspect Kawasaki might begin to re-think their relationship with this company because it gives them a bad name by association… if there is a relationship. I have heard the manufacturer buys a Kawi bike and takes the engine out to put in the car… but that is hearsay (sp?). If it is true, what happens to the rest of the bike? do the re-sell the left-overs? Why are we paying 50 g’s for this?

    If they sold the thing for a more reasonable price and kept on top of unit quality, they would sell twice as many.

    This vehicle is registered and title as a motorcycle in MOST jurisdictions and requires a motorcycle license to drive. It is street-legal in all states. Check with your DMV as to licensing before buying.

  88. I guess Ill throw my 2 cents in here. The Trex is all about fun and attention. Practical not really but who cares. The attention from operating on of these exotic things is unbelievable. It turns more heads than porche’s and lambo’s cause you never seen it before. It causes you to chase it down to figure out what it is. When its at the red light next to you, you cant take your eyes off of it and you roll your window down just to take in the vicious sound of a superbike motor at a low growl waiting to zoom off like a six flag ride. If you had the money to buy one you wouldnt bad mouth it. You would be considering it as an option along with your lambo/ ferrari dreams and its a yay or a nay. They are all adult toys. They are all fun as !@$# to drive and they all cost too dam much. But this is america and we play HARDer. Trex is called a motorcycle by law which means it does not need to pass emissions. Its actually good on gas just cruising with 4 cylinders compared to some supercars that have 8-12 cylinders and you can actually use the HOV lane with one driver because motorcycles can do so by law. (Theres something for the practical folks). But, All in all you have to give them 2 thumbs up for thinking outside the box and being the first ones with the guts to put this thing together and make it legal in all the states. I know for sure I will own if not a trex something very similar to it in 2008 or 2009. And oh, motorcycles with 2 wheels do not compare side by side with these things as far as exotic head turners. I know because I have 3.

  89. 1) It is not a Kawasaki, it is built by Campagna Corporation in Quebec. 2) Nobody who ever laid eyes on this beast ever thought “practical?” 3) That’s all, got nothin.

  90. i have a kawasaki zx6R 07 , and i still want one of these, my buddy actually has an older model with the suzuki motar, i can say its a load of fun to drive, and honestly a slight different feel that a motorcycle,

    no one should be comparing this to a 911 or a ferrari, as its totally apples to oranges, and to compare them to a bike is even worse, as its a different feel

    but if you like fun and excitement , this is a must have toy , the only aspect it can touch the high end sport cars on , is attention , and personally thats not why i buy my sport cars

  91. Hey the car/motorcycle is nice and everything but DAMN! When I saw the price I was like “that’s crazy”…… I though it was around 20000 or 25000 the most ……..I think they should lower the price if they want to sell more of them………

  92. Hey the car is nice and everything but damn wehen I saw the price I was like “that’s crazy” ……I mean I thought the car/motorcycle was about 20000 or 25000 the most but 43000 thats crazy…..I think they should lower the price if they want to sell more of them

  93. To be honest, anybody could build one of these with their own style of body. And though I can’t say exactly how much it would cost, I’m willing to bet it would be WAY cheaper than this. The body alone probably only cost around $900, Kawasaki motorcycle for around $7,000- 10,000. Old salvaged frame of some two seater car, put it all together and VOILA, a 3 wheeled motorcycle car for about half the price. Yeah, I would have to say impractical…considering I could make one myself with new product or buy stuff used and save even more.

  94. You want a kit, let”s make a kit. Get to work people, bring the imagination and search for investors. This thing is probably patented and no one else right now can make a three wheel bike at this moment or I think with as much as we all love this bike- car some smart person would and sell it at a much more reasonable price. T – Rex makers and dealers are price gouging. We are suppose to be innovative people so let’s innovate and one of us will come up with a way to make this kit. And that’s no one else can probably legally make a three wheeled bike, third wheel on the rear. Yet.

  95. porshe $150,000 lambo $200,000 corvette zr1 $100,000 ferrari $250 ,000 t-rex $50,000 who’s to say what’s too expensive it’s just money guys have fun if you can afford it.

  96. I have to way in here and say the T-Rex is one of the best purchases i have ever made. And as for practical, well lets just say I live in the DC MD VA area so that means i will be only in it maybe 8 months out the year if I’m lucky. I did not have any problems with it upon its arrival. I will suggest you research all the dealers in your area before you make a purchase. My dealer ensured that everything was good to go and kept in touch months after to ensure she was running well. Now, I am by no means a rich man. I drive a 2003 bmw 330ci thats payed off. Over the years I have managed to save up around a few dollars which I used for the down payment on the T-Rex and to install a nav dvd audio system custom paint the rims @ add led lights. As long as the weather is warm…….this is my daily driver. If I’m running to Whole Foods for fish fruits and pasta…. I’m in the Rex! If I’m going to class, went back to school this year to get my degree, after work….. I’m in the Rex! Needless to say no matter where I am all eyes are on me. Last Friday, I went to Love nightclub, and as I was pulling up to park in front Clinton Portis was parking his Bentley GT Coupe…..all eyes were on me! It is cheaper on the pocket to drive my T-Rex than it is to drive my 330ci when it comes to gas. Last but not least the women! I’m 32 and over the years I think I have had my fair share of women, but once I put this beast on the streets I became an instant celebrity. Women all ages professions and colors throw themselves at me. Georgetown waterfront on a nice Sunday…all those boats cannot compete w/ the T-Rex. Only drawback for me is there is only 2 seats. If it had a back seat, instead of peeling out w/ just one female, I would be leaving w/ 2 on the way back to the condo for a 3-some! I don’t know about practical, but its well worth the $500 note I pay on it every month.

  97. The T-Rex looks pretty cool and seems pretty practical for the price of fuel now a days! I would buy one even though I would only be able drive it half the year where I live. I would love to own one!!!!!!!!

  98. Anyone wanting to sell one? Leave a comment and I will find a way to contact you and buy it!

  99. First off , To get the type of vehicle nomenclature right T Rex is a
    Reversed Trike . It follows motorcycle rules for insurance and licensing. It is Way over priced , and intended to be that way ..to Keep the price up. If they sold cheep and everyone had one , they would be common place . the “added” Value of uniqueness would then vanish. They are not stupid in their marketing. They know exactly what they are doing . They want you to want one and not be able to afford one .That way you keep talking about it .
    As for me , I’m building my own reversed trike That is fully enclosed when you want it to be and intended to be a daily driver 12 months out of the year ( I’de stay home on snow days or take the 4X4) .. It is not a Tri mag And when you see it (early 2009) you will forget all about the T rex My ride WILL turn it into a dinosaur . . get 50 MPG . and perform well enough to plant your ass in the seat. Hide and watch . It will sell as DIY plans only. You can choose the power plant from extreme gas economy, at 60 – 70 MPG and easly do hiway speeds …. to O M G insane !!! And you will sware its a car ,
    PEACE !

  100. Well i have to admit one thing, the t-rex was originally built in Quebec Canada, from a canadian, yes a canadian, it is a higly well developed machine, fine there is not much room for your personal belongings, but you can always buy extra storage for this vehicle on the sides of it, which also protects you if your vehicle flips (and that is only if you drive like a dumb ass), very safe vehicle and they are still working on getting this as a normal vehicle licence instead of a motorcycle licence, they will be giving out special licences to one hundred individuals sometime next year. for those who think it is too expensive they are working on that, it is simple economics, supply and demand, the demand is high but not tooo many people are able to get it ($$$) insurance motorcycle licence, yada yada yada, the second that this law clears the prices will descend dramatically, so either help get this law passed or sit on your ass and let other people more interested get it, i am already on this list to receive it, and i also help build them so i do have a descent knowledge on this, good luck and drive safe

  101. I been searching on ebay, I found kit running between $19,000 to $25,000 thousand. $19000 for frame only and another 4K to 6K for plastics

  102. i am 13 and i think this t rex car is very eligent, spicy, hot, and is my favourite car more than the alfa romeo and aston martin. the price is well priced, and my mom doesnt care.

  103. where can i get the T-Rex frame layout my class is doing a project in welding class and would like to build the frame for this please resomond with urgency i dont want to build any more gocarts this year lol…ha ha …. sincerly Dave Easter student

    p.s. i know this would be an A+ project this year

  104. lower the cost…provide a better canopy for rain…and lower the power…i want it to get 80 mpg…why build big huge sedans and try and make them use alternative fuels or small crap like this and make it so uselessly powerful…when we could build these and get a bajillion mpg…at a reasonable price..upfit the whole country in no time and all save money and energy

  105. I agree. The cost is just to high for an average person to justify spending that amount of money. The fist person who starts to sell kits you can build and order in stages will make a fortune on people just one part at a time. I would be interested in that.

  106. I agree. The cost is just to high for an average person to justify spending that amount of money. The fist person who starts to sell kits you can build and order in stages will make a fortune on people just one part at a time. I would be interested in that.

  107. hello..the t-rex sports car is nice,,i want go have t-rex car some day..its ow some to ride,just like ah ducate 1500cc big bike..

  108. Yeah the Purchase Price is quite High, but if you’re the Type whom has a passion and also good with they’re hands, then You can probably Build One at home and piece One together especially a Motor with Low Milage and even have A weld shop put One together for ya. Of course you got to do what you can as far your Budget goes. But mostly, if all the frame specs are to the TEE exact. You’ll mostly be Purchasing the Plastics and Outer Body Parts from manufacturer.

  109. The T Rex is cool. Having more tread on the ground and at more points adds stability. THE IDIOT that thinks a BMW M5 has a 1/2 mile time of 10 seconds is a total moron, obviously knows zero about cars or driving them. Turn off the traction control and suspension aids and I bet he can go zero to wrapping it around a tree in 10 seconds. It takes much more skill to drive a motorcycle than a car or the T Rex, the contact patch of a bikes tires is ultra tiny. If money is no option to the self-proclaimed big shot then shut up and buy a new F-40 or other 1000 HP Supercar that will totally smoke any BMW, or do you not have the money you arrogant reject? The Rex is a fun fast toy, in my mind it is like comparing the old style Trikes to cruiser motorcycles and the T Rex to a crotch rocket style motorcycle.

  110. You guys who gripe because you can’t drive your Trex but a few months of the year need to get the snow out of your ass an come out west where we get to ride or drive all year around in the warm sunshine.

  111. T-Rex is a neat concept, but waaaay too pricy… If they dropped the price about 30K it might be something to consider – that is, the model that is enclosed.

  112. I now own a t-rex with a lot of questions.There is no engine.Is there abrand that will not be practickable ? Everything else is here .If there is answer or not please let me know either way.My plan is to purchase a 4 year old donor bike for the drive trian. Thanks

  113. if it were under 40 k i would buy one they look good dame i think they would sell more and make more money any way but that is a sexy bike/car love it wish i can on but at that price i would puy a four house pays me off for life but would buy on if the price was right

  114. Amazing! Its in fact remarkable paragraph, I have got much clear idea concerning from this post.

  115. Lol losers ! Go grab some balls and come see me on a back road on my R1 plz so I can make an example outta ya lol

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