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  1. guest-2005 says:

    this is scary. for real i took a cybersecurity class in the university last semester. and this website is the worst case of identity exposure... the worst yet, they won many lawsuits...

    so if i pay 7.95$ i can get hold of the president's daughter(s) ??

    what if a terrorist paid 7.95$ to get the exact location of a person he wants to assasinate?

    dude... so i was just wondering if the DHS is any of use in this case...

  2. rebecca daniel says:

    i am looking for someone

  3. Antoni Vendetti says:

    I have watched someone committing credit card fraud use this service to gain over $10,000 in one night by wiring themselves money...good thing the courts are on the ball when it comes to protecting innocent civilians

  4. fhbl says:

    as one has already commented, it is really scary. i have just come to the u.s. and already intelius can give anyone willing to shell out an amount less than $10.00 my name, present address and info on my family members. the only document i remember writing such information is on my immigration papers. what's going on in this country????

  5. nancy says:

    Can you please tell me how to get in contact with Intelius without having to give my credit card number

  6. me says:

    maybe if we all got together and presented a lawsuit against all these companies our privacy would not be invaded?

  7. The Ol'Sarge says:

    I joined this outfit and did a (maiden) name search with social security number . I got a report with a man's name with the same last name, it was not a former husband or father. Of course the info was pretty much bogus. I paid more money to do the same search with a married name and the same social security number. The second report was accurate.

    Intelius will not give me my money back for the first report! These people are crooks.

  8. Erik Lucas says:

    Intelius is a bunch of weasles. You can enter a nonsense name and they will tell you it is in their database just to get you hooked for their 8$ fee to give you information, For instace I entered Bogwatgifma Mcleithaiz (aproximatly) and I got a response

    "Bogwatgifma Mcleithazi is in our database!"

    I wish I used them so I could sue them.

  9. Purbert Crux says:

    My son's credit card number was stolen and used online at Intelius. The person who used the card did not use the name on the credit card. Nice checking on the part of Intelius--apparently your "personal" name and your credit card name don't have to match. Wow.

  10. moonrim says:

    where can I send the required money for Intelius ?

  11. nancy says:

    I just joined this group...first time user. I gave basic name because the initial search showed that it contained information from 2004. They charged my account $7.95 .... and immediately sent me information which was at least 5 years old. What a rip off......

  12. kingsley uwatse says:

    i want his e mail address or any info about where he is

  13. ksp says:

    My name does not have correct info and I can't find anyone that is correct. Intelius users beware.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I paid them money and got bogus old inaccurate info, they won't refund my money they want to give me a credit for a free report. Why would I want a free report when the info is not accurate. I would like to know how to sue them. Maybe a class action lawsuit. Anybody interested.

  15. Tiffany says:

    Why does this form ask you for a url: I put in the url I was complaining about and it doesn't show my original post it takes you to the bogus company I want to sue.
    I paid money for a report from Intelius, it was inaccurate old info and they won't refund my money, all the want to do is issue me a credit for a free report. Why would I want a free report that is going to give me inaccurate information. How can I sue these people, or should I put a dispute on my credit card? Maybe we should do a class action lawsuit against these people. They advertise they are the most accurate reports. That's false advertising, especially when they emailed me back after I complained. He was their email to me: "Hello! Thank you for contacting the Intelius customer service team! We are sorry to hear that you did not find the information that you were looking for through the Intelius public records search. Public records come from: marketing surveys, land deeds, catalog purchases, voter registrations, lawsuit filings, court records, magazine subscriptions, address changes and so on. As an aggregator of public records, our services will provide you the most up to date information from public records sources. We access a variety of different public records sources from our data partners. As you can imagine, some of the sources are courthouses, county and other government offices. These offices can be slow to update public information. We are as current as they are, but some of the updates are out of our immediate control. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the information or provide refunds. We apologize for this inconvenience. While we are unable to provide refunds, I would be hap! py to issue you a credit for a free people search on the website. Please let me know if you would welcome the credit for a free search."

  16. Robert says:

    The owner of Intelius is Naveen Jain. He's changed the name of it to background.check.addresses.com He lives in Seattle, WA. He's from Pakistan. He's been charged many times with federal crimes. Do a search under his name on google and you can find out a lot about this scum bag. Click on all his search phrases and it will cost him over $5 every time you do since he's on the sponsered search which is pay per click. His search phrases would be background check, background search, criminal background check, criminal record, and any others you can think up pertaining to background checks. Also do a charge back on the credit card charges. Don't let him take your money. Also call the attorney generals office in Seattle on him or do it online. You can do a better business bureau complaint online also.

  17. Anne says:

    I wish I had come to this site before I paid $30 to Intelius for a worthless search, but I don't think I will have any problem disputing this with my credit card company. Thanks for the information on Naveen Jain -- will definitely complain to the Seattle AG's office.

  18. deb says:

    ive paid twice for intelius to find a criminal background and i got nooo results they get your money than give you nothing

  19. Intelius says:

    Intelius is consistently recognized nationwide for its technology and product innovation. Recently it was named Best New Company in 2006 by Ernst & Young. Intelius also won the WSA Industry Achievement Award and has been recognized as one of Seattle's largest corporate philanthropists by Puget Sound Business Journal. Intelius is a legitimate company, and from personal experience an excellent company to work for.

  20. dissatisfied says:

    Looking for a person : know what city they live in and social security. Intelius still isn't coming up idenitfying the person's new location 8 months later. Rip off

  21. Bill Clinton says:

    Send Naveen Jain back to Pakistan, we have enough illegals and scum butts to deal with.

  22. Mr. X says:

    I've had my Identity ripped off thanks to them. Residensial Phone service, Cellphones, New bogus credit lines, home loans, auto loans, even hospital surgery. I still can't clear it up years later. Several Alias Names and fake ssn's seemed to have worked eisily for these crooks. Intellius claims they purchase the info from someone else and can not change the information. years of police reports and private investigators has led to a dead end. I have lost my job and all my credit, my entire livelyhood. I have been told to take care of it myself....and it ain't gonna be pretty!

  23. John says:

    Intelius is one of the scariest companies on the web. It is a haven for identity theives. Names, addresses, relatives, phone numbers, etc are all available for a few dollars. I had my information removed from them through a number of nasty phone calls to their headquarters. I reccomend that everyone do the same. In an age when information is already too available this just simplifies it. With any luck, someone will work to put these dirtbags out of business.

  24. Background checks offered by Intelius are composed primarily of public Information (created and maintained by government agencies and available for public inspection) and publicly-available information (information available to the general public from non-governmental sources, such as newspapers and phone directories). This information has been public and publicly-available for years.

    These records may include info such as criminal convictions, property information, addresses and phone numbers, and information on bankruptcies, liens, and sex offender information.

    There is certainly the school of thought that this information shouldn't be public in the first place, and that debate is a legitimate and ongoing one. But the fact is that it is public, and more importantly, it be incredibly helpful to consumers in making important decisions for the safety of themselves, their children and their assets, and for peace of mind. How that happens can range from simply monitoring the information attached to your identitiy in public record (and being alert to any changes in that information that might indicate fraud) to a background check to help inform someone about a home or property purchase, a contractor, a child's caretaker, or a potential date.

    Intelius makes this information more affordable and accessible, but doesn't create the information or expose information that isn't already available. What it does do is gather, filter, and refine the information as much as possible so the end result is as accurate as possible.

    For the sake of getting a balanced perspective on Intelius as a business, you may want to temper some of the above comments with additional information. Below, you can refer to some business and industry awards Intelius has recieved from well-respected associations including the American Business Awards, the Washington Software Alliance (which applauded Intelius' IDWatch service) and the Puget Sound Business Journal, who named Intelius, lead by Naveen Jain, a top Corporate Philanthropist. Naveen was also tapped by Ernst & Young as a finalist for the 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

    Also, a couple articles on Intelius: Forbes, and KOMO TV.

  25. LAWMAN says:
    I spent my WHOLE ADULT LIFE in PUBLIC SAFETY/CRIMINAL JUSTICE .I was a POLICE CADET working UNDERCOVER prior to my 18th. B-dAY! AND SOON AFTER WAS FULL A FLEDGED FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR!! I started back in the day- the "pre-web days of the early 80s " THE trunk of my car was loaded with dozens of area phone books, business & reverse directories..A LOT OF DAYS! , I'd be in Manhatten in the morning , Massachusets in the afternoon , Connecticut at night; I even went as far away as Mexico City "It was all good!" because I learned by doing, and it made me intelligence & information savvy! Thus when, I finally got a computer I was like a kid in a candystore "Gleefully" (Now there's a word I don't get to use everyday!) Accessing/saving all kinds of files and putting them in my favorites. as such I HAVE THOUSANDS OF UNIQUE INTEL RESOURCES IN MY DATABASE the sites & Blogs I put together are very frank and candid "INTELLIGENCE" sites: Lawman" has the Investigative & Intelligence, reference & research tools you need ; Inclusive of some of the most; Unique, deverse,extreme and "SECRET / UNDERGROUND" SITES ON THE WEB!! MY goal is to be a catalyst for sharing :Forensics, Information, intelligence, concepts, and ideas that will: Enlighten, educate, and entertain...And hopefully: Enable, articulate and compliment Public Safety as a whole,YEAH MAN,"I REALLY DIG THEM ADJECTIVES!!") Along with fostering vigilance and understanding in the Web community and help the "WORKING JOE"


    FORENSIC: Function: noun 1 : an argumentative exercise 2 plural but singular or plural in construction : the art or study of argumentative discourse 3 plural but singular or plural in construction : the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems; especially : scientific analysis of physical evidence.



  26. Chris says:

    in keeping up with Ol' Sarge, I just entered Shit Head, TX and believe it or not, Intelius has someone in their database whose name is Shit Head. What a crock of, well, shit.

  27. Jonathan says:

    Intelius posts a good argument. The information is available to everyone and anyone at any time through extensive searching. But here's the big difference that scares me and everyone else with this complaint. There's a HUGE difference between being stored in a hidden dusty library and being plastered on TV advertisements, NY Time Square, subways, train stations, bus station, bus stops, billboards, spray-painted on schools in large print, passed out during PTA meetings as flyers, sold to terrorists, flown across the sky on a banner, printed on napkins, etc. To simplify, if it's hard to find the records less people will commit the crimes. This is the case because most Americans are too lazy to do the research. And even still, most of the identity theft cases would be much more limited to hackers because they'd have the know-how to steal information. With this system of "HERE'S EVERYONE'S INFO! COME N GET IT!" Intelius provides, anyone can have the power of a hacker thus making any dishonest person much more likely to be an identity thief.

    Bottom line, it was AVAILABLE but that doesn't mean it should be BROADCASTED to everyone.

  28. ameriaquari says:

    I'd be interested to understand how name, phone number and address, and criminal records being available causes identity theft. Were Intelius dealing in social security numbers (protected by law), medical records (protected by HIPPA), or credit information (protected by FCRA), I could see your point, but they simply DON'T sell this information! The information they do make available is information has been in the public domain, easily accessed in such innocuous places as phone books, for years. The only stuff they sell that's stored in dusty filing systems is criminal records, which are public for public safety reasons, and aren't necessary or helpful to steal a person's identity, anyway!

    Also, how can you "steal" public information? And why would it ever take a hacker to access information that is public in the first place?

    If we're worried about having "everyone's info" "available" because of identity theft, I think a good place to redirect our energy to replacing traditional mailboxes with locking ones (the mailbox is a haven for identity thieves -- who aren't hackers, by the way -- full of SSN info, bank account info, medical records and more!). And what about screening and monitoring those employees who have access to our valuable and private information, such as SSNs and direct deposit information, within the organizations we work for?

    Public information is public for good reason, and there is a big difference between public information such as your name, phone number and address, and protected information such as SSN, CC info, health records and more. We need to do a better job of understanding what is available where, and what truly needs protecting before we start panicking about tools like information service providers.

  29. Lil says:

    I agree.........Intelius is one big rip-off. they do not deliver the info they promise and then will NOT refund your money. I reported them to BBB in Bellevue, Wa. I just wish I would have found this site before I got ripped off

  30. Hong says:

    I did public record search through Intelius. The information Intelius provided is useless and wrong. I can get more detailed information from Google than Intelius sent to me!

    I called Intelius. They told me that the company doesn?t have refund policy. I send 3 complaint emails to the company they didn?t reply. I believe the company ripped off me.

    We should organize a class action lawsuit against the company. I just checked Better Business Bureau website. There are hundreds of complaints against this company. The government should close down this company!


  31. I tried to remove my profile from their site twice, according to their very embedded guidelines. Of course, it hasn't been removed, nor do I think it can be. I haven't done anything wrong; I just don't want prospective employers to have easy access to my age which is visible even to the general public and which has nothing to do with my abilities.

    This site is destroying the lives of a lot of people, and I'll be happy to support a class-action lawsuit against them.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Why does Google even allow Intelius to use their paid search service? As a way of seeing if it was a legit outfit, I first did a check on someone with 2 confirmed DWIs to see what else the company would come up with on that person. Not even the DWIs showed up. The search yeilded zip.

    Before I found this page I tried the Intelius customer service team. After waiting on hold for an eternity the female rep answering just said, "we cannot refund" when I confronted her with facts about how they'd scammed me and how I could prove it. You could tell from the way my call was being handled that this person was trained to handle my kind of confronting inquiry on a steady basis.

    The good news is I just checked with my credit card company and they aren't going to let the $39.95 charge stand. But how many people get screwed because they don't know better assume they were serviced honestly when a search comes up empty? By allowing people who may be know violent criminals to show up as "clean" on a search, Intelius is putting the public in danger. Disgusting.

    Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for giving a place to vent...and to maybe help others BEFORE they thinking of using this vile company.

  33. Jho says:

    The claimed "awards" on the website of Intelius are just fake! Just check Ernst & Young website, and you'll find Intelius is not a 2006 finalist of the Entrepreneurs of the Year! (The evidence is here: http://int.sitestat.com/ernst-and-young/us/s?EOY2006Magazine&nstype=pdf&nsurl=[http://www.ey.com/Global/download.nsf/US/EOY2006Magazine/$file/EOY2006Mag.pdf]). It is not either a 2005 winner of the WSA industry achievement award, as it is claimed on the website, the evidence: http://www.wsa.org/about/PressReleases/pressRelease.asp?PrID=67. And concerning, the other award, I can't read it, but there is chance it's just another fake.

  34. Jho says:

    By the way, as we can sue Intelius, Ernst & Young and the WSA are also entitled.

  35. Stalked says:

    I am being stalked by my girlfriend's ex-boyfriend- from 3 years ago. He's using Intellius to harass, and stalk. Thanks, Intellius! I should sue you for this. You require me to FAX in a request to be removed- from something I didn't even know I was on. Intellius, at the very least, shoudl be required by law to notify every single person in that database that they are in it. DOWN WITH INTELLIUS. Want to get back at them a little bit? Go to their email form, type in a nasty email, hit 'send'- then hit your back button- do it again- and again- and again. If everyone does it, it will fill their mailbox and they will have to reprogram their web site. Have FUN! They deserve it- they are making you a target for hackers, id thieves, stalkers, telemarketers- all the people that should not be able to find you. Intellius is a diservice to the public at large.

  36. Crazy says:

    this dude wont last long....LOL

  37. intelius sucks says:

    yeah,they just ripped me off for $30 bucks. Wish I had found this site sooner.

  38. Lala says:

    They ripped me off too! I'll be happy to join in a suit against them.

  39. Patrick says:

    I just got ripped. I can promise I will berate the hell out of these people till I get my money back- or dispute the charges on my cc.

  40. ripoff says:

    Do a search for butt monkey on the site and you'll get a result after paying $9.95...LOL

    Seriously, nice PR post intelius "Intelius is consistently recognized nationwide for its technology and product innovation. Recently it was named Best New Company in 2006 by Ernst & Young. Intelius also won the WSA Industry Achievement Award and has been recognized as one of Seattle?s largest corporate philanthropists by Puget Sound Business Journal. Intelius is a legitimate company, and from personal experience an excellent company to work for"

  41. annoyed says:

    Those who think this company is doing no wrong are viewing the situation through a technical lens versus a logical one. In the information age, "Public information" is a loose term. It is quite reasonable to assume that many consumers do not realize that information they disclose may become "public" and assessable by companies such as Intellius. I have an unlisted number and try to never give my information, except when it is needed for what I believe to be a legitimate purpose. However, my address can be found by simplifying typing my name into Intellius. That doesn't do me much good since my ex-finance has threatened my life on more than one occasion. And while I do have a court order against him, I really wish companies like Intellius did not facilitate making it so incredibly easy for him to find me. The owner of this company should have a heavy conscious. He may not have broken any law, but he has clearly violated his moral responsibility. This is a slippery slope...

  42. None of your business says:

    Intellius is a joke, even if you're looking to find a friend. I was trying to find this guy I knew back in the late 90s, and the address by his name was NOT current (he must have moved) because I looked up the address on the white pages and sure enough, somebody else lived there. And that was the only address they had for him, so there goes $25.00 out the wazoo. My advice: DON'T USE INTELLUS TO LOOK FOR OLD FRIENDS.

  43. nancy says:

    I have had nothing but good responses/information for intellius and they state in the terms and conditions you are not to use the info for any illegal purposes. Guess I have been one of the lucky ones.

  44. nancy says:

    If fact they gave me all the old info and highlighted in red the current. I was also able to find an unlisted cell phone number and all the info was right, all the relatives and their info was correct too. So I have nothing but good to say. Maybe the guy is a crook but I have no problem or false nothing from this site...so far..knock on wood

  45. Anonymous says:

    I found Intelius though a sponsored link from yahoo, I thought, being associted with a major search engine like Yahoo it would have been a legitimate company. I paid for a full report for $50 and I got information for a totally different person. If Intelius are a rogue operation then Yahoo should by definition also be tarred with the same brush for giving them the credibility that they so obviously do not deserve.

  46. PS - WHY? says:


    Gadgetopia -

    Why are you allowing Interius advertisements on your site?

    I'm sure they're helping foot the bill, but their business practices seem to scream SCAM.

  47. Vix UK says:

    I used intellius to track an address for a lost relative. It said address & phone available so I paid the $12 for an enhanced report to check its the most recent address.

    The report contained NO PHONE NUMBER and 3 addresses. Which address is the current one??? I emailled them to clarify it, they ignored me. I emailled a stronger worded note and they sent back the same reply tiffany got

    QUOTE “Hello! Thank you for contacting the Intelius customer service team! We are sorry to hear that you did not find the information that you were looking for through the Intelius public records search. Blah blah de blah"

    I again asked my query - Why is there no phone number when it stated it was available and which address is current. Nobody in there has even bothered to read it. Ignored yet again


  48. Shocked says:

    I am 100% confident that Intelius has a security leak. I used a card that I only use twice a year, on their site on a Monday, and that very day it was obvious that they have duplicated the card and found out the crooks have charged a ton of stuff allover Chicago starting the very day I used the number on their site. DON'T USE INTELIUS for anything at all.

  49. derek says:

    Naveen Jain is a native from a country where personal privacy mean little in the public eye. I think this guy has NO idea how hated he is. There are some other disturbing comments, I just read from other folks though...

    Nancy Said:

    all the relatives and their info was correct too. So I have nothing but good to say.

    So.. Your saying that I could potentially find out your age, your relatives age... Your relative net worth (remember there are property and bankruptcy reports here), phone number, AND address with one click?

    None Of Your Business Said:

    and they state in the terms and conditions you are not to use the info for any illegal purposes.

    Are you a complete moron? The internet isn't supposed to be used for Child Pornography, Nor are illegals supposed to be used for slave labor, and sex trade... I guess intentions, don't always yield proper results. Where is their guarantee that if for any reason your life gets messed up by them, they will refund your life?

    This about this people, the question ISN'T about if these records are public or not. The question is if it should be pooled, advertised and put on the internet.

    Interstate record distribution should not be easy for the general public, unless it actually protects the public. If I were a violent crime offender, my address would be in a different database. If I were a sex offender, my address would be in another database.

    Count me in on the class action lawsuit.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I was about to pay the money to get a report then I read the comments on them. Thank you all. I will not do it now. Keep on posting. Ruth

  51. bruce says:

    I just got fired last night!! My boss says Intellius informed her that I was not the person I have been telling her I am!! They say I have 5 alias names. My name is spelled with an Apostrophy and on one is shows my name as bruce DanaposAmico it means D (apostrophy) Amico. D'Amico!! then she tells me that Intellius is telling her my SSN is fraudulent and I have only had it since 1987.. Well I guess the 5 yrs 79-84 I was in Special Forces was under a fraudulent ID?? and all my credit cards too?? They also told her wrong info about my addresses and ex wife. They have me listed with my last name as my ex wife's maiden name! GOT news for you all.... I AM suing them. and my boss and her company all for wrongful termination and defimation of character. I am madder than a hornet!! and what really gets me is that my boss chose to fire me on the phone at 8pm on a friday night so I couldnt even attempt to contact anyone!!! JOIN ME FOR A CLASS ACTION. I just lost a career of 68k annually plus profit sharing!!!!

  52. Suzie says:

    These guys are crooks! False advertisement, misrepresentation, inaccurate information, and NO information that is useful... and they NEVER give you money back for it. I am disgusted, disappointed, and disillusioned with them.

  53. Randy says:

    Buyer beware intelijoke sucks and is a waste of money

  54. beverly obaitek says:

    I sent some personal information to Intelius is there anyway to get that information taken off thier web site?

  55. beverly says:

    please do not use my post

  56. rae says:

    Dude, i'm trying to find out about my science/math teacher, because i think he might be a molester nd/or identity fraud-intellius rules!!!

  57. jo anne says:

    Thank you all for saving me from this internet theft

  58. Sandra says:

    RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF - Intelius didn't give me any of the information they promised - took my money and ran ---- They should be run out of town on a rail.

  59. bill says:

    they do not provide accurate material i had them run a criminal history they came up no records found i then went to the clerks website found the exact individual called there customer service got lame excuse they only go back 10 years if the clerk does not post to them then they dont have the info they are the ones who are the research so they should of found the info


  60. Seriously Mad says:

    I have run across this company in a way that is most unexpected It seams that a perspective account had run a check on me through intellius Through intellius and their miss information that abounds over the net. I was rebutted once I arrived at the meeting arrange for my company and me. Upon arrival to the perspective account the client in charge told me that he had done a background search on me and contacted my neighbors. Hence the door was slammed in my face. I have never in 25 years of business had such a response from anyone like this Im still reeling from this. These people and or services like this must be stopped the misinformation on the most part is a disservice to the public and is liable. This company further jeopardizes the security of the family members of the person in the search field, which is also liable.

  61. Anonymous says:


  62. Elina says:

    I heard on radio to check on your public info at publicdata.com and up came Intelius . Entered my name and State ( did NOT pay anything! thank GOD!) and got wrong address info and also wrong relative info ! Then entered my Dad's name , who passed away almost 2 years ago , and up came his name and age 90(he would be 90 if he still lived). Then I put my Mom's name in search and that came up with also with age 90 ( she is 86!) I don't know what else bogus would have come up if I paid for it , but thanks to all these letters NO money lost! I come originally from Finland (country with basic good values ) , and I can't BELIEVE what unbelievable garbage goes on in this ( wonderful) America ! A lot of PRAYER is needed!

  63. Furious says:

    I have to agree with the comment from guest (jan 24 05). I mean, is there a way to get your information erased form their database? This is so wrong-especially because they have my family member's information up here. WTF man? the ONLY officials that should have this information is the government. How does one get access to millions of social security numbers? Yet, the FBI/CIA always talk about "we need to stop identity theft."


    If you continue to allow all of these "agencies" to collect personal information, how in the hell are you going to stop it?

  64. Anonymous says:

    I have been charged for 29.95 to my credit card, and now find no way to return to intelius site for further use.

  65. Cannot enter your website; the password you gave me does not work.

  66. Jackie says:

    The information on this site is not completely accurate. When I looked myself up, I was listed as 53 years old, when I am only 27 years old. Although, the address provided was correct.

  67. Me says:

    Revers phone search worked until Intelius got hold of it. Now you have to pay for crap and they mis-inform you of their service!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Reverse phone search worked until Intelius got hold of it. Now you have to pay for crap and they mis-inform you of their service!

  69. just me says:

    Don't waste your money on this thing. I looked up my own name as well as friends and family. What showed up was a bunch of outdated addresses, long since divorced from spouses......which would indicate that this would not be a very effective tool to use, to check up on someone you just started dating. As morbid as this sounds, I also looked up people that I know have been dead for 20+ years, and they are mysteriously alive and well and living at their last known address!!!!

  70. Frank Agyarkwa says:

    I am desparately doing all I acn to get in contact wit my daughter, Desiree Agyarkwa, who lives with her mom, Monica Bryant in the Atlanta , Georgia area. Their location may be Decatur, stone Mountain or Lithonia area. My daughter will be 11 years this april. I haven't seen or talked with her since 2000. I am dying to send her a birthday card. Can someone help. My email: fagyarkwa@yahoo.com

  71. MS says:

    Intelius should rename themselfs to Non-Intelius. They take your money and run alright! They showed me a report for $7.95 and then billed me for $9.95 membership fee and I didn't get the report I ordered!!! BULLSH!T!!!!!

  72. Dan says:

    I have been an investigator for sometime now and I have utilized www.intelius.com as a tool only to point me in the right direction when information on a subject was limited. For the most part, they were pretty good BUT they were expensive. Due Diligence requires me to verify the veracity of the records listed for a subject because, as previous comments have alluded to, records could be in error, listed because of name similarity, and for other reasons to numerous to cover in this posting. Nonetheless, I was pointed in the right direction and without due diligence research, the information would amount to nothing but public information. I don't utilize intelius.com anymore, mainly because of the price. However, I was just referred to www.intelpublic.com which was much more price effective for the public information it provided. If I found information that was in error, I always ascertained the reason why it was listed in the first place. My advice to the public, if information listed on a public records search is in error, there are dispute venues (most likely a form) to get such an item in error removed, ESPECIALLY if the information in error is utilized for employment OR residential purposes.

  73. Dan says:

    I have been an investigator for sometime now and I have utilized www.intelius.com as a tool only to point me in the right direction when information on a subject was limited. For the most part, they were pretty good BUT they were expensive. Due Diligence requires me to verify the veracity of the records listed for a subject because, as previous comments have alluded to, records could be in error, listed because of name similarity, and for other reasons to numerous to cover in this posting. Nonetheless, I was pointed in the right direction and without due diligence research, the information would amount to nothing but public information. I don't utilize intelius.com anymore, mainly because of the price. However, I was just referred to www.publicintel.com which was much more price effective for the public information it provided. If I found information that was in error, I always ascertained the reason why it was listed in the first place. My advice to the public, if information listed on a public records search is in error, there are dispute venues (most likely a form) to get such an item in error removed, ESPECIALLY if the information in error is utilized for employment OR residential purposes.

  74. Judy says:

    BEWARE!!!!! I used this service to research one small phone number. Two weeks later a company I had never heard of debited my account for $20.00. Upon calling that company and asking what the heck was going on I was informed that by using the "Intelius" service I was automatically signed up for their services and my banking information was provided to them via Intelius. CAN WE SAY FRAUD???????????????????? Stay away from Intelius



  76. Jimbo says:

    I do use Intellius and like the concept, however, the information can never be trusted. I frequently have to get credits for bad searches and their customer service is atrocious (even confrontational at times). I don't know what's a good alternative for the price.

  77. Checkmoot says:

    BEWARE ! Intelius is not that bad on furnishing info. Beware tho, they are involved with a company called PMIdentity that supposedly protects you against identity theft. When you deal with Intelius, Intelius gives them your credit card number and you will start to find a monthly billing of $19.95 on your card from PMI. for which you will recieve absolutely nothing. You will then go thru Hell trying to get your card company to credit your account for the un-authorised charges.

  78. South Hill Guy says:

    I fucking HATE this piece of shit company!!!!!!! They should all be in jail, and if they ever fuck with me, they will wish they were born on another planet, trust me! Are they stupid enough, naive enough, to think the company employees are exempt from this shit? Or the founders/executives? What goes around, comes around, trust me! FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!

  79. southillguy says:

    RESPONSE TO DEB's post.......FUCK YOU, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Intelius is consistently recognized nationwide for its technology and product innovation. Recently it was named Best New Company in 2006 by Ernst & Young. Intelius also won the WSA Industry Achievement Award and has been recognized as one of Seattle’s largest corporate philanthropists by Puget Sound Business Journal. Intelius is a legitimate company, and from personal experience an excellent company to work for.

  80. Anonymous says:

    It's hillarious how people here complain that this service "ruins peoples lives" and should be illegal blah blah blah, and THEN complain that they used the service and couldn't find the info they were looking for. HA!

  81. Anonymous says:

    It's PUBLIC records, southy. Go learn what that is before acting like a tool and posting idiot remarks.

  82. M. Y. says:

    Intelius is a scummy scammy service. They weasel you into paying extra for almost everything. The data they give you isn't dated or properly checked against current information -- it could be eons old and worthless.

    Worse yet, when you try to pay, they propose a "survey" for which they pay you $10. This misleading web page actually subscribes you to some sort of monthly service for which they will charge your credit card $20 a month and then try and get off that list.

    IMHO, they are bunch of rank, nasty, vicious, petty, little crooks-- the above practice should be a jailable offense.

    You CAN get around it. Some credit cards, such as those from Citibank, allow you to give a "virtual" credit card number with a credit limit. Do NOT give these slime bags your real credit card number under any circumstances. Do you even know in what country they are?

    Having said all that, I did get some possibly useful info though addresses are not dated which reduces the usability. All in all this was a bad experience and I would strongly recommend that people avoid Intelius like the plague.

  83. ozor says:

    kingsley uwatse. were are you.

    write me ozbex@yahoo.com

  84. LARRY says:


  85. lily says:

    I don't even care about the rip off on information anymore. I want them to stop giving my credit card to other petty little bull shit faces of their business in order to bill me $20.00 a month for a membership I did not authorize.

  86. Confused says:

    @southillguy Their service should be illegeal because it is misleading; in some cases (like mine) to the point of libel. I came accross this service by accident. I searched my name at yellowbook and an intellisus profile came up age 44 with my previous address, and get this, did you know I'm a registered sex offender (sarcasim). I'm 23 and I've never done anything of the sort.. THEY'LL BE SPEAKING WITH MY LAWYER SHORTLY!

  87. nauta18 says:

    This e-mail speaks for itself:

    From: Customer Service To: ernest a seemann Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 10:11 PM Subject: Re: INTRESP:[235192] Do Not Change the Subject Line.

    On 7/1/08 I farted and thought that the smell would permeate and dissolve into the seat grain Guess what - a little bit of poop squirted out and the smell wafted all over the entire office! I had to go home in a trash bag.

    On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 10:22 AM, ernest a seemann nauta18@bellsouth.net wrote:

    On 6/13/08 you informed me that you could not give me the information requested, and "that my credit card would NOT be charged." Guess what--my credit card statement shows that you charged me $4.95 anyway! I demand an immediate refund! Ernest A. Seemann, J.D., LL.M. ----- Original Message ----- From: Intelius To: nauta18@bellsouth.net Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 3:57 PM Subject: RE: INTRESP:[235192] Do Not Change the Subject Line.

    Hello! Thank you for contacting the Intelius customer service team! Your Expert Assisted People Search is still in progress. Our searchers are still processing your request in hopes of finding the most up-to-date public records that match your search criteria. As soon as the report is completed, we will email you with instructions on how to view the report. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience!

  88. P Line says:

    This company has kept my son from gaining employment because his biological sperm donor and his evil step-monster filed a theft and assault charge against my son when he was 12. He's 24, now and the horrible justice system we have continues to punish my son. They said at 18 charges would be dropped, and couldn't be found by potential employers, LIARS. Never mind that my son was innocent, and the sperm donor and I were going through a nasty horrible divorce. He knew the way to hurt me, was to hurt my son, and Intelius should not be allowed to continue to ruin peoples chances for a life.

  89. Rick says:

    Here is the latest update-per the following article, Intelius is a real scam, no question about that: See: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/29/naveen-jains-intelius-prepares-to-go-public-how-much-of-their-revenue-is-a-scam/

    Stay away form these people!

  90. Charlie says:

    It turns out these guys are a fraud! Stay awy. It has now finally come to light-see: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/29/naveen-jains-intelius-prepares-to-go-public-how-much-of-their-revenue-is-a-scam/

    Also see the numerous comments on the web about consumer rips-offs confirming that article. Their revenue are derived from cheating, not good business.

  91. oregonguy says:

    All I wanted to find was a phone book for a city a crossed the country...why the hell is that so hard to get?

  92. Supportr says:

    Hey guys.

    Thanks to this site I am in NO way going to use Intelius. I was going to in order to do some background checks on a potential boyfriend. But now I dont think I will use this site. I currently subscribed to a record database that uses acurate information. However, there is not any MORE than names or addresses if you are lucky. But they do refund money. So, how is it that Intelius does not??

    If a class action takes place I would be more than happy to support. I dont know if I am in their data base. I most likely might be. Just let me know when and where the action will take place. We should not condone such a company who bases there business on dishonesty and less, to none of integrity. I will see if I can make it to the class action or civil action againt these asshole or THE asshole who founded the shiity company, but you will have my support.

  93. Ralph Reed says:

    Intelius Revealed as a scam

    It turns out that the facts are in and there is no question that Intelius is a scam. What they do is outright theft from consumers. For all of the details, see the excellent blog at: www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/29/naveen-jains-intelius-prepares-to-go-public-how-much-of-their-revenue-is-a-scam/

    Many people on blogs and comments have said they felt that these guys at Intelius deserve to be in jail. Read the TechCrunch story and the various comments and decide for yourself. There are also numerous web site where consumers have complained about these guys.

    Intelius claims to offer background checks and public information. It’s pretty clear that all they do is to scrape public data and repackage and sell. All by itself, that is a legitimate service, but for them that is just a vehicle for a scam. All consumers should be pleased that TechCrunch did a background check on them, and found what a fraud they were,

    By the way, there are 100's of honest and ethical background check firm around that do a great job.

  94. Just go to v to opt out of this service

  95. Abigail says:

    I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue. I am interested in talking to people and hearing about their experiences. Please contact me at abby1100ny@yahoo.com if you’ve had problems with Intelius or if you have any questions on this investigation. Thanks, Abigail.

  96. j says:

    Intellius has been charging me $20 a month for a subscription for 3 months without my knowledge. Jain needs to be put in jail with a zipper installed in the seat of his bright orange trousers. Every Saturday night should be party night behind that zipper. Why doesn’t the Washington AG put this bastard in jail along with every employee working in that sham company over in Bellevue, WA.

  97. MEGAN says:

    ES MUY CIERTO LO QUE COMENTAN RESPECTO A ESTE TIPO DE "EMPLEOS", SON PERSONAS RETIRADAS (O NO) DE INVESTIGACIONES, POLICIAS, DETECTIVES Y TODO ESE MERENJENAL . Lo que SI se es que es totalmente ilegal ventilar datos personales y privados de los seres humanos por lo cual se podran tomar las medidads pertinentes con la caratula correspondiente.

  98. timothy Kays says:

    I paid for a search and can't find the information I paid for

  99. LOLWTF says:

    What the hell... Intelius actually posted on this two comments up

  100. Marlyn Jesenia Ramirez says:

    Vanessa Marlyn Ramirez i sse my ok .

  101. M. Lawson says:

    Intelius is a bunch of out of work alcoholic, drug using security guards. BUMS!!

  102. I hate Intelius says:

    These bums are communist bastards. Thieves like the criminals they help.

  103. i have been charged twice for identprotect, i did not ask for this service and i do not want it please cancel that service right away. u may contact me at 757-822-0690 i live at 3220 Dunkirk ave. my e-mail is ukrlt@yahoo.com

  104. Diana Rico says:

    I am very interested in joining a class action lawsuit I know they stole from me over 200.00+ even though I never agreed to their services. I never clicked on anything I read all the fine print email me shehulk00@yahoo.com

  105. naveenjainhater says:

    do not use intelius as they are stealing and selling you personal information to company's to charge your bank account. I have recieved $44.90 in charges listed as two seperate companys that are BOTH associated with intellius. Class action coming soon.

  106. Roland F. Harriston says:

    Actually, Intelius is one of the better search services available to the general public. There are better facilities that the professionals use, but they cost thousands of dollars a year to subscribe to, and you need to have professional credentials, i.e. private investigator license, etc.

    The problem with getting tied up with Intelius is that your credit card information seems to get "circulated" around the Internet, and when you get your monthly statement, there may be charges that you cannot reconcile. Then you have to call each one of these organizations that show up on your monthly credit card statement and cancel whatever "services" they say you have subscribed to. Some of the services might be "credit card/identity protection" various types of "insurance", and similar products.

    In the meantime, these "services" have usually succeeded in collecting at least 1 month's service fees from your credit card. This will continue until you actually contact them and cancel the so-called service.

    I think at this time, I have finally gotten all of these "services" cancelled. I'll know for sure when my next credit card monthly statement arrives.

    If you can use Intelius without getting tangled up in the crap that surrouds it, you will find that most (perhaps not all) of the information they provide is good.

    Some of the information sources that Intelius uses do not update their files on a timely basis, and sometimes the information you receive is old.

    When this happens, get in touch with Intelius and see what they can do for you.

    I do not work for, or have any affiliation with Intelius. I am just another one of the millions of Intelius users who got "burned" by their associates, just like you did!


  107. Sam V says:

    I wish I had read the comments on this site BEFORE I used their service. The information they provided was totally useless and most of it was simply made up.

    Imo, intelius is nothing more than a SCAM.

  108. I tried to find my name on this site but no public record was available?

  109. I tried to find my name on this site but no public record was available?

  110. angry and scared says:

    It is truly frightening and dangerous that all of this information is so readily available to anyone! What is wrong with our country? I cannot believe this is legal. I think we should all join together and file a lawsuit. This company is a bunch of crooks and they continue to get away with this!

  111. spoke says:

    complaints about intelius.com? contact directly: Melissa Korb 425-974-6146 mkorb@intelius.com

  112. Chuks says:

    Gosh! I was scared!

  113. tongyai says:

    this is a bad company,try to sell your privacy without your authorization to the public by illegal.Be careful.

  114. tongyai says:

    this is a very bad company. they try to sell your privacy to the public without your authorization for they pocket. Be very careful.

  115. jimmy b says:

    Perhaps then, you should all stop snooping around, in the safety of your anonymity and inexpensiveness. Did you really think $8 was going to give you the "goods" on whomever you were seeking? Get lives, people. It seems that the only suckers who would use this two-bit service are the people who wouldn't have anybody wanting to search for THEM. That's why you don't see what's wrong with it - other than your measly $8...losers. It's called cyber-stalking, morons.

  116. Does anyone know the legalities involved with selling personal information? I pay the phone company extra each month to remain non-published. For this company to circumvent that and sell my personal information seems illegal to me. Does anyone know what the deal is, or where I can find out?

  117. Wallace says:

    These people are there to rip you off. They claim if you cancel in time you don't pay. In fact, I canceled within one hour of initial sign up for the $.99 try out. They still charged the $19.95. The claimed they made a refund but apparently thought I could not add. Anybody been treated this way, contact the Washington (state) Attorney General and the BBB. Make sure it costs them over the amount they cheated you of.

  118. arty says:

    I just paid intellius 1.95 to find out my birthday is actually 7 months later than my birth certificate shows. And, BIG surprise to me...my wife's x scumbag husband is listed as one of my relatives! If you'd like to spend your hard-earned money on false information then Intelius is the place to do it.

  119. Desmond Keany (Ireland) says:

    Do you search for dead relatives where they are buried and death cert?

  120. Guest says:

    Intelius and its associated websites should be sued, and their management jailed. These folk are scum

  121. Anne says:

    People, you do realize that private investigation is in fact stalking? Don't you? And participating in such behavior marks you as a stalker.

    Please check here for the definition of stalking: http://yalehealth.yale.edu/med_services/share/stalking-definition.html

    After those of you who are using the Intelius website to "stalk" people (this is not for the one's who are trying to remove their information) then please also refer yourselves to this site: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art8869.asp

    Then when you are done reading please have yourselves evaluated by a real psychologist. Although, I do have to admit that according to some surveys, the majority of the population is now insane.

    Please check out psyweb if you are having trouble coming to terms with someone who doesn't either:

    A: want something to do with you. B: embarrassed you to the point you felt you needed to stoop to such levels. C: Gave you hurt feelings. (hey we are all a little immature.) D: Took something from you they shouldn't have.

    If you can't let something go and come to terms with it then you probably need the help more than the ones you are searching for.


  122. DOING something about this says:

    Alas, I have just been screwed by Intelius. I PAID for one report, and got a year of ‘service’. Im furious. I have read these posts and others on-line – to summarize WHAT DO I DO? ---

    by Robert, February 28, 2006 10:04 PM

    The owner of Intelius is Naveen Jain. Do a search under his name on google and you can find out a lot about this scum bag. Click on all his search phrases and it will cost him over $5 every time you do since he's on the sponsored search which is pay per click… Also call the attorney generals office in Seattle on him or do it online. You can do a better business bureau complaint online also.

    · * * * * * *another post: DOWN WITH INTELLIUS. Want to get back at them a little bit? Go to their email form, type in a nasty email, hit 'send'- then hit your back button- do it again- and again- and again. If everyone does it, it will fill their mailbox and they will have to reprogram their web site. Have FUN!

              • another post had these attorneys who ARE doing a class action law suit – write them:

    William R. Restis, Esq. Finkelstein & Krinsk LLP 501 West Broadway, Suite 1250 San Diego, CA 92101 Toll Free: (877) 493 5366 Fax: (619) 238 5425 email: wrr@classactionlaw.com

    WE ARE ALL FURIOUS, so please take the time and vent a bit and follow some of these tips. Click on his searches and cost him the $$ he charged you fraudulently. Complain to the BBB. Write or call the attorneys to see if you can be added to the list of if they know of another atty firm in your state you can add your name to. If we just stand by and are ANGRY but do nothing, he will continue to win. If you don’t believe me, look at his profile in Forbes… there he is people! Laughing all the way to the bank. BRING HIM DOWN.

  123. Mack says:

    Intellius does suck. They use the classic bait and switch method. You think you are paying for info but what they show you is useless unless you you send them more money. Stay away from the POS company.

  124. Me says:

    Looking for a people search site that's NOT owned or controlled by the INTELIUS MONOPOLY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Me says:

    If you google "non-intelius" people search site, google still feeds you pages of intelius sites! guess google is owned or controlled too much.

  126. Shlil says:

    All you need to do is join Facebook if you want your personal information to be available on Intellus. Your personal information is now literally everyone's business.

  127. babgemini says:

    Yep scam artists, I asked for a phone number search and they put that on hold charged my cc then searched me and tried to tell me that I by mistake search myself for more money. SCAM ARTISTS, told them to forget it and refund my money or I will contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL! Which I am going to do right now.

  128. Brenda says:

    If Intelius "has won" in court, someone went in there with really bad lawyers. Intelius does NOT have accurate information and in fact they seem to sling anything and everything that doesn't even belong to you, on your name. They are human garbage and nothing short of that.

    (If Intelius doesn't like my posting, see ya in court scumbags).

  129. Rob says:

    Wow am i happy i searched for intellius and found this site. I am upset that intellius don twork, i am relieved though. What i mean by this is, i was just going to search for the girl im in love with(i had asked her out in the past and she said yes, but shes with this looser who uses her as a status symbol and she dontwant to break up and have to see him everyday at school.) Now i have a new job and i just need to go to her house to tell her, i now can pay to send her to my school so we can be together as i cant go back to my old school because i would see the looser shes with and id snap and kill him) Well anyways i got very offtrack, as i always do when i talk about her, but anyway back to what im trying to say. What if someone wants to kill some one they hate that ran away from them in the past, and now they can just find that person and kill them if they want. I think this stuff should not exist. For the honest people who want to use this for peaceful purposes i think we can find another way in real life to find the people we need to find. All in all im happy this dont work, though now i got to get creative in finding a way to see her.

  130. Anonymous says:

    they make it look like people who have passed away are still living.

  131. Quick correction says:

    Agreed to an earlier post- big difference between public data in a dusty archive, and broadcasting it everywhere.

    There're other such sites out there. Like ZoomInfo. At least ZoomInfo was nice enough to tell me about it. Even let me opt out and control my profile. I guess they take my info more seriously. (thank you.) Intelius, though, looks and feels shady.

    I hope Facebook doesn't go down the Intelius path.

    PS: quick fact check for some posts from '05 - NJain is from India (according to wikipedia ;)). Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that Google can often be as inaccurate as Intelius...

  132. Jennifer says:

    Wow! So many comments! I just want to mention how my husband and I became victims of a lying deceiving person who has no shame. This women deceived us into giving her $2,000 for legal help. Thanks to Intelius I was able to find out her long list of criminal activities and stopped sending her money, that she is still asking for! She has been to jail for Practicing Law Without a liscence. My only regret is that I didn't look this information up sooner! Intelius gave me the information that cowardly people that have also been her victim did not give me. Her full name and address, that I was able to get with the phone number from which she keeps harassing us from. Is it wrong to allow people to see who is behind that nice honest looking smile? Thanks to that information we can now sue her and let authorities know that she is still commiting these awful deceiving crimes. I think that everything has a negative view to it even Disney Land has complaints! The truth is there are many thing that will effects us in different ways, some positive some negative. If someone is out to get you stay a step ahead of them and find out where they are at all times. Otherwise lets stay informed of who is around us and our children. I am not taking sides! I am simply letting you know my honest view on this matter.

  133. Andi says:

    Customer Service #888-445-2727 They do give refunds. I got my money back and cancelled my account. Great Customer Service Team

  134. vernell says:

    YEP they ripped me off today of over $80 for the search on the same person . Iam changing my card # and sending a complaint to my cousin along with this website ...he is a U.S. Attorney and I think a Federal Investigation on all such companies is a good idea as turn about is fair play since we are trusting them with our credit and information .

  135. Lin Collins says:

    Intellus is nothing but a scam! Even when you pay for the product they promise you only get another "offer" for more bogus info for an additional price! They have the balls to even promise "Identity theft protection"! Fuck! This is the same as when the certain "families" went door to door offering "protection" for a price. It is outrageous! To demand a price for a service advertised as FREE, ie: at no cost to you, or so I've always understood. This company should be banned, and their board of directors or whomever is in charge (ie: the Mormon Church, you know it's true) should be put in stocks in the town square and flogged to just short of death! Then they should be doused in gasoline and set afire whilst we all watch them burn, cheering all the while! I feel sorry for the poor souls taken advantage of by these Charletans!

  136. REDIT says:

    INTELIUS is a scam. They don't verify the info and it's mostly incorrect. Bill collections provide some of the info and that's a sure sign of the "validity" of their information. AND even if you try to get information corrected or opt out, you are wasting your time. They will not correct or remove false information and the "opt out" is basically just verifying information for them because they will immediately repost your information - plus ANY new information they supposedly find. They are so convinced of their superiority, that they tell you "brillant" things, like, "go to the court house and ask for the 'public records' department" because they can't supply any proof of the information that they pulled out of thin air. There does need to be a class action suit and they should be stopped from mining the public records if they can't do it correctly. Mr. Charlotte Asdfjones, age 288, related to, "everyone on the internet", married 9453 times, lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. , married to Mrs. Barac Obama Asdfjones and has 2093u452 children

  137. […] also means, that even those who avoid the Internet now have private information on the Internet (and probably don’t know […]

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